Katerina Yip Shares How Companies Should Analyze Their Branding For Future Success

Branding is one of the top considerations for every business. A brand encompasses the public perception of your company, taking into consideration such factors as your company’s persona, its values, its products and services, and all of its associations, both negative and positive.

Companies need to keep a close eye on their branding and make sure that they are making it work for their business model. Katerina Yip explains branding and how companies can develop a brand to enhance their public image and customer base.

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What Is Branding?

Your brand can be thought of as your most valuable asset. It encompasses your company’s reputation and the amount of visibility it has across the entire marketplace.

The brand begins with the name, symbol, or design representing the company, but it does not end there. Branding helps your company identify its products, distinguishing them from other companies and their products. Branding makes an impression on consumers and lets them know what they can expect from your company. It helps to clarify the specific offerings of your company and how your customers can receive a unique product or service.

How To Build A Brand

Branding is more than logos, designs, and advertisements. It should go deep into the layers of your company and inform every action.

Brands must be consistent among a wide variety of channels. Print materials such as signage and packaging have to be branded. The environment must be considered, as in a storefront or office.

The company’s website and online advertising need to fit into the brand. Content publishing is another area where branding must be observed.

Branding involves not only published materials but also the behavior of the company and its representatives. How your company interacts with its customers in sales and customer service are both important for branding. Even your employees’ behavior and opinions about the company play into branding.

Strategies For Brand-Building

The process of branding a company encompasses three areas: strategy, identity, and marketing. Brand strategy starts by establishing how your company is different from the competition. Your company needs to focus on being likable, memorable, and trustworthy.

In the discovery process, you will learn what brand your company is already carrying. You may be alarmed to learn that your reputation is not what you thought it was, and you may be confused about how to proceed. Katerina Yip has concrete advice for companies that need to change their branding.

Branding vs. Brand Development

Companies need to keep in mind the distinction between branding and brand development when breaking down the branding strategy. Brand development is the process through which companies explore and enhance their brand. Branding itself is the result of this process and encompasses the execution of the plan.

Brand Development

To develop or redevelop a brand, it is necessary to know exactly what your business does. It may seem obvious, but it is a good idea to research this thoroughly. Your customers may have a different idea about what your company’s core business comprises.

If you get to know your company’s strengths and weaknesses and its opportunities and threats, you will have a better idea of how you need to target your audience.

You need to know the audience you are speaking to. What are the major types of customers you want to reach, and how are you doing with each of them? Sales and marketing data can be beneficial in researching your audience. Social media analysis can also be an excellent place to start.

Next, you need to create your resources. This is where logo creation, website development, and content strategies come into play. After you have created the basics like your website, you can enhance it with blogs, videos, social media, original articles, and infographics.

SEO is another way to build branding through your website. Organic use of SEO can help drive natural hits to your website and draw in new audience members through the strength of the information you have posted online.

Monitor Your Progress

After you have launched your branding, you should continually analyze it to have the desired effect. Search traffic, web visitors, and social shares are all important metrics you should follow. In addition, sales statistics like the number of leads you have generated are a good idea to monitor.

Branding Works

When your company engages in a successful branding campaign, you will find that you have more loyal customers. Sharing what makes your company tick can help customers decide whether they want to do business with you.

By positioning your company as trustworthy and knowledgeable, you will cement your place in the market and positively compete with others in your sector.

Katerina Yip recommends that every company thoroughly analyze its branding and tweak it as necessary to provide long-lasting results over time.

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