Leadership Roles: The Changing Job Of Tech Focused CIOs [Infographic]

The leadership roles in large organizations have changed a lot over recent years as technology has permeated every part of corporate culture. We’ve written about how the role of a CEO has evolved, and today it’s all about the role of CIO (Chief Information Officer). With the importance of technology as it relates to business success, the CIO position has evolved into being one the most influential and critical leadership roles in any organization.

The decisions the CIO makes affects company analytics, technology, social media, cloud computer and much more. According to a recent Forbes article called The Top 10 Strategic CIO Issues For 2013, “Perhaps no C-level position has undergone as many changes in expectations, approaches, and philosophies during the past few decades as that of the Chief Information Officer.

CIOs are typically under pressure to reduce costs, and that can sometimes conflict with using new technologies to stay ahead of the competition. As with all leadership roles, the CIO has to perfect a balancing act that requires a certain posture and risk tolerance.

This infographic called The Changing Role Of The CIO by wikibon.org and EnterpriseCIOForum goes through the transition of the CIO role within an organization. Aside from the other relevant data, I thought it was interesting to learn what some of the highest paid CIOs earn in salary. These salaries are insane, but I’m happy to see a few women in the mix since unfortunately women only hold about 10% of CIO positions. It’s definitely one of the highest paid IT positions and leadership roles within any organization.

If your goal is to become a CIO someday, this infographic will shed some light on what you can expect. If becoming the CEO is more your style, you might want to check out What To Expect On Your Journey To Becoming A CEO.

Leadership Roles: The Changing Job Of Tech Focused CIOs

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Via: [Wikibon] Header Image Credit: [Blue Harbors]