Learn About The Benefits Of Microlearning And Mobile Learning For Employees

Learner-centric employee training programs are the need of the hour. Due to an increase in the number of millennials and Gen Y employees in the workforce, it has become necessary for organizations to implement advanced ways of learning and training.

The new workforce, consisting of millennials and Gen Y has a very short attention span, can adapt to the latest trends in technology very quickly, and are excellent multitaskers. The traditional learning and training methods are not suitable for them.

After reading this blog, you will have a better understanding of how microlearning and mobile learning are more effective and efficient ways to train your workforce. Microlearning and mobile learning will benefit your organizations learning efforts.

Let us learn about the benefits of both in more detail.

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Defining Microlearning?

Before we can talk about the benefits of microlearning, we must answer the question, “what is microlearning?”

Microlearning provides the information and content in small, bite-sized nuggets that can be consumed at the learner’s own pace. No one has time and patience to sit for long training sessions and go through lengthy presentations. With microlearning, the long topics and lengthy content are broken down into smaller learning blocks for better and quick understanding. Microlearning increases engagement and improves training efficiency.

Benefits Of Microlearning

Delivers Short And Precise Information

Training enhances the performance of the employees. But traditional training methods create disruptions in work, as the employee needs to take out time out of their work schedule to attend the training sessions.

Microlearning offers the ability to provide non-disruptive learning, which can easily be accommodated into the regular work schedules of the employees. Microlearning addresses a single topic per module and delivers targeted and concise learning, keeping the training sessions short and precise. The modules created are generally around 10 minutes in length and can be consumed without causing any major disruptions to the average employee’s working day.


Microlearning makes training more affordable. Since microlearning is primarily delivered through mobile devices, organizations can save on booking a conference room for training and classroom equipment. Since most employees already have mobile devices, there is usually no need to spend on training devices as well. This gives the company more money to invest in creating efficient and robust training modules.

Uses Multimedia

Microlearning is made engaging with the use of different forms of media. The use of multimedia makes the information interesting, relevant, and memorable. Different types of media include – games, videos, text, infographics, images, etc. The use of these media elements makes the learning experience more fun and entertaining.

Mobile-Friendly And Easy Accessibility

Microlearning courses are easy to access online as they are created and shared on digital platforms. The learners can train remotely or even on the move, while traveling by bus, or sitting in a café. They can take up the courses using their mobile devices, such as – smartphones, tablets, or laptops. The courses created for microlearning cover subjects that any regular eLearning courses can. Since microlearning is mobile-friendly, bite-sized courses can be accessed from anywhere in the world and at any time.

Improved Retention With Increased Engagement

Microlearning focuses on one specific topic at a time, this helps the learners retain more information as they can understand the given topic more clearly. The modules designed for microlearning are designed to be more engaging and interactive. This keeps the learners focused and motivated.

Improved Employee Performance And Satisfaction

With the help of microlearning modules, you can provide employees training they require in a flexible and convenient way, this will help them improve their performance and assist them to carry out their job effectively. Microlearning provides an opportunity for the employees to learn in a way that fits their needs and preferences. Completing the short modules quickly also provides employees with a sense of accomplishment, motivating them to continue learning.

What is Mobile Learning?

Mobile learning, sometimes also called mLearning or m-learning, is learning that is delivered on mobile devices, such as – mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. Content for mobile learning comes in multiple formats, like – videos, applications, quizzes, podcasts, and complete online learning or eLearning courses.

Mobile learning is often paired with microlearning. Training on mobile devices is being widely accepted as part of everyone’s daily routine and is also helping in creating robust training and development programs.

Benefits Of Mobile Learning

Flexible Learning

With the traditional training method, all the employees were expected to gather at one place and take up a training course. This method did not help many, as the learning pace was different was every employee, and attention span was also a challenge for everyone. With the help of mobile learning, employees have the advantage to take up the training at their pace and convenience and training is no more limited to traditional brick and mortar rooms.

Mobile learning enables remote employees to participate in the training sessions from wherever they are comfortable. They would just need a stable internet connection and they can access the learning content and choose the content that is more suitable for them.

Higher Retention And Course Completion Rate

The unique and exclusive features of mobile learning boost employee engagement with the learning and training material provided in mobile learning. Higher engagement increases productivity and, as a result, course completion rate also improves. With mobile learning you get an opportunity to tailor the course content as per every employee’s learning needs and preferences, resulting in a higher knowledge retention rate.


Mobile learning is the most cost-effective way of training your employees; it is beneficial for organizations that regularly add new content, and consistently updates and refreshes their learning material.

The employees can access the information any time and from anywhere, without even traveling anywhere. This will save a lot of time, traveling costs, and training costs.


Traditional methods of employee training are quickly becoming obsolete. Thus, it is smart for organizations to start integrating microlearning and mobile learning into your eLearning strategy. Even now, organizations that start training employees through their mobile devices stand to enjoy early adopter advantages.

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