Lindsay Guion (GPI Digital, Subsidiary Of Guion Partners) Discusses 2021 Digital Marketing Trends

Lindsay Guion has a unique understanding of the music and technology industry. His management consulting firm works with high-profile clients in the areas of technology, media, entertainment, and sports. Having studied at both Georgetown and Harvard, Lindsay Guion believes in staying current with new and innovative trends in technology as it relates to the entertainment industry. Using digital platforms to increase awareness of talented musicians and performing artists is one way his business has become successful.

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Is Classic Marketing No Longer Worth It?

Classic marketing comes in many forms. However, certain marketing methods such as surveying individuals over the phone are no longer considered as beneficial as online marketing. While there are approaches that have survived over the decades, these methods are few and far between.

The internet has changed marketing forever. As the online world grows, an increasing number of opportunities have arisen. Some of these strategies include using paid advertising, while others include interactive aspects like social media. While television commercials and newspaper ads were sophisticated for their time, new digital trends have made even keyword research a thing of the past.

Top Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing consists of both new and old forms of technology. Digital marketing can consist of digital media platforms and online videos. It can also consist of email newsletters and message boards. Current digital marketing trends have provided a new way to reach audiences across the world, so here are the top marketing trends that Lindsay Guion has noticed this past year.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality was once seen as the future of the gaming industry. In the past few years, however, the medium has made its way into mainstream society. As a result, virtual reality is now used for purposes outside the gaming realm.

Virtual reality involves computer technology that replicates real-world scenes. By watching these simulated environments through specialized equipment, individuals can feel like they’re somewhere entirely different.

Virtual ad platforms can be used before an app loads. This can be played between games or movies. Outdoor ads benefit from this type of marketing because their product can be sold within an outdoor environment. Recently virtual reality has begun to offer features for advertisers to track eye movement.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence provides a new method for digital marketing. By using AI to dissect demographic data, it is more efficient than human marketers. This type of software can learn about an individual’s personal preferences as well as purchase information.

Machine learning is used to help marketers and businesses make sense of a wide range of data. Overarching patterns can be accurately assessed, as well as response time and individual reactions.

Certain forms of AI can be used to interpret emotion and may even communicate as if they are human. These platforms are especially handy for social media marketing and email responses. For example, language-based AI software may pick up on audio communication to perform accurate text-based marketing resources.

Purpose-Driven Missions

An increasing number of brands are interested in purpose-driven missions. Companies that focus on associating with charities or non-profits are predicted to attract more clients or customers.

One report suggests brands need to understand the purpose of their mission before linking to a charitable cause. In addition, a brand’s authenticity matters when marketing to this segment of the population.

One way this form of marketing is advertised is through social media sites like Twitter. Including hashtags to gain awareness for the cause and brand may help customers retain a company name. Certain companies in the hotel and perfume business have already started using this trend.

No-Click Searches

GPI Digital, understand that search engines are crucial to the online marketing industry. Currently, Google runs one of the most successful searches in the world. Any change in the search engine can dramatically impact the way companies are found.

Answers suggested to a user before clicking enter on a search can be found quicker through Google. When an answer is provided to the user at the top of the result page before the list of sites, this area is called Position Zero.

Position Zero often comes with an easily displayed layout of an image in addition to the necessary information. Furthermore, by providing the text in a non-clickable way, users have a lower risk of clicking on meaningless or spammy sites.

Voice Search

Voice search is extremely popular in 2021. Voice-activated assistants are top sellers in the United States and can provide quick and accurate answers. Although voice assistants such as Alexa or Siri have been around for a few years, voice searches are now starting to permeate the marketing industry.

Voice search can be found in cars, at home, or on smartphones. By shifting the way individuals search for information, keywords and marketing are also beginning to transform. The phrasing used when typing online is rarely the same kind of language used while speaking out loud. This can potentially create a huge change in digital marketing.

How an individual speaks can also affect marketing data. For example, specific accents or regional dialogue can be categorized for demographic research and target audience positioning. While the technology has not developed for dialect marketing, it is a logical next step.

Is 2021 Digital Marketing Ethical?

There are multiple different methods of digital marketing. 2021 has brought new advances in the way in which individuals communicate with one another as well as digital bots and assistants. GPI Digital is interested in incorporating several futuristic approaches. Although digital trends are quickly changing to include artificial intelligence, choosing an ethical method involves research.

Marketing methods from previous generations also varied in form. Certain types of marketing may not have been used because it seemed unethical for the time. Other forms have adapted into current strategies. As technology progresses, the marketing industry will continue to evolve in new and unexpected ways.

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