The Main Benefits Of Opening A Company In Italy

Many foreign investors choose the countries where they want to set up companies based on an analysis of the market. However, the competition between governments nowadays makes this choice harder, so other aspects, such as the cost with the workforce, the consumers’ behavior, and expansion options are taken into consideration.

Italy is one of those countries to offer many benefits from the perspectives mentioned above; however, there is a lot more Italy can offer to investors in and outside Europe. For things to go smoothly, information about the laws favoring foreign investors can be obtained from a law office in Italy, for example.

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Italy Offers Access To A Large Consumer Market

With the risk of repeating some information, it is worth mentioning the access an Italian business has to consumers within and outside the country. When we discuss the outside options, we mean both the EU market and also international markets which can expand to Asia. In numbers, we could say that Italy offers access to more than half a billion consumers in the European Union alone.

Italy Equals Quality

We have all heard about ‘’Made in Italy’’ which is a symbol of quality. This is precisely what Italy has to offer as its most valuable resource. Of course, such a quality no matter the products we are talking about is guaranteed by the qualified workforce, which also comes at lower costs compared to other EU countries, such as Germany.

Easy Company Incorporation Procedures

Registering a company in Italy takes a few days if everything is in order in the matter of documents which is an excellent advantage for those in a hurry to jump right into business. As business forms, the limited liability company is by far preferred by foreign entrepreneurs. Startups also fare well in Italy under a new program developed by the government and which targets investors interested in innovation.

Italy Is An Ideal Destination For Small Businesses

Italy is the ideal destination for those who want to set up small businesses with less than 50 employees. This is because the government has set in place many incentives and support schemes for such companies, which is quite a great benefit considering that not that many governments offer such support.

As a conclusion, Italy can be a great go-to destination for a business thanks to the numerous opportunities it offers and to the fact that now most companies are conducted in English, which eases communication.

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