Main Causes Of Workplace Burnout And How To Prevent It

Burnout in the workplace has a slew of negative consequences for your business. For one, you will see a major drop in productivity and morale. It’s important to make sure your employees are rested and have the necessary tools to prevent feeling exhausted every day. Take a look at some advice from these top business leaders on how to prevent burnout in the workplace.

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Measure Employee Engagement

Employees who aren’t happy in their current roles can quickly experience burnout – with the same tasks every day that don’t seem to bring fulfillment. As a leader, that’s why it’s imperative to constantly measure employee engagement. This can be through regular check-ins or even opportunities for anonymous employee feedback. The more you can understand how your employees are feeling about their roles, the better you will be at keeping them happy and engaged.

Travis Killian, Owner and CEO Everlasting Comfort

Breaks Are Important

Employees get easily burnt out when they feel like they can’t take breaks or separate their lives from their jobs. Make it clear that you understand your employees need to prioritize their personal lives. After all, we all need to have a healthy balance to keep our motivation up and stay productive.

Jeff Henretig, President Apothecanna

Let the Weekend Be The Weekend

Don’t expect your employees to work through their days off. When employees feel like they still have tasks to complete when the week is over, they will get burnt out extremely quickly. Make sure your team feels like they can leave their work at work whenever possible to take advantage of their rest time.

Eli Schurder, CEO and Co-Founder Soundsuite

Communicate Responsibilities

To prevent burnout in the workplace, make sure your tasks do not overwhelm you. The best way to do this is to communicate well with your team and make sure everyone is on the same page about their responsibilities. This ensures that no one person is being overworked.

Sarah Pirrie, Brand Director Healist Naturals

Clearly Define Hours

It’s great to be a hard worker and put in long hours, but don’t make that the expectation. Most workers function best when their work hours are clearly defined, and you can help set precedent for that by monitoring your own work hours.

Raul Porto, Owner and President Porto’s Bakery

Burnout doesn’t always happen when you’re not happy with your job. Even people who wake up feeling the same passion for their work day after day, can still need a break from time to time. In fact, people who really love their jobs may find it even more difficult to step away. So, schedule a few days, a week or even longer to recharge and unplug. You’ll find that you return feeling rejuvenated – and probably with a notebook filled with new ideas!

Ryan Rottman, Co-Founder and CEO OSDB

Set A Schedule

With many of us working from home or remote locations, burnout is even easier to come by. Many people don’t know how to set personal schedules and it can feel like the expectation is to just be available all the time. Setting alarms and specific time blocks for certain activities like checking emails, checking slack or completing a project can help delegate time more effectively and prevent burnout.

William Schumacher, Founder and CEO Uprising Foods

Set A Routine

Workplace burnout can often happen when employees feel a lack of control at work or that they do not have the resources they need. One of the ways I’m able to prevent workplace burnout is I love what I do. I also have a routine on my most productive days. It starts with open air meditation, then with Nootropics- my own stack (Matcha and Adaptogens) then organization within our HubSpot platform.

George Fraguio, Vice President of Bridge Lending Vaster Capital


The main causes of workplace burnout mainly come from employees being overworked and overly stressed. Without a good work-life balance, employees can begin to crumble under the mounting pressures they face both at home and at work. Working long hours not only can exhaust them, it can lead to their personal lives being neglected which adds additional stress. Managers should try to encourage employees to prioritize their work-life balance rather than constantly pushing them to get more and more work done.

Benjamin Smith, Founder Disco

Many people are experiencing workplace burnout these days. It can even occur if you’re working remotely from home. It can also happen when a person is feeling overworked or undervalued. Some of the best ways to prevent workplace burnout are to take both mental and physical breaks from work. It always helps to have a change of scenery and get away from the computer screen.

Sheila Chaiban, CEO One Ocean Beauty

Make Meal Breaks A Priority

Make sure you take a designated meal break everyday. Too many people work through lunch to either get work done early, or simply to be more efficient. This is a big cause of burnout and you should make sure you set at least an hour a day to eat, and refresh your brain before returning to work.

Kelli Lane, CMO Genexa

Get Sleep!

Simply not getting enough sleep at night is one thing that can lead to workplace burnout. That and not eating enough during the day. To help me avoid burnout, I try to take an hour or half-hour lunch break which I schedule into my calendar. When we’re working in-office, I keep Outstanding Foods’ office stocked with our Pigless Pork Rinds and puffs, so my employees and I can snack throughout the day. Self-care is the key to staying on top of your game and preventing workplace burnout.

Bill Glaser, CEO Outstanding Foods

Task Stacking

Be careful adding on to employees’ workload. It’s fine to delegate multiple tasks to a person, but wait until they have completed their work before assigning new tasks. One thing that makes employees feel burnt out quickly is feeling overwhelmed and like their work doesn’t stop. Give your team some moments to breathe before stacking on new tasks.

Ryan Fink, CEO Streem

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