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Stablecoin is a form of cryptocurrency that has brought change by trying to offer stability in cost and is supported by a reserve asset such as the U.S. dollar or precious metal gold. These coins were created to eliminate volatility found in unpegged cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. This currency links the worlds of cryptocurrency and fiat currency. Stablecoins eliminates the unpredictability and instability in contrast with Bitcoin and results in a type of virtual money that is better for everything from routine commerce to making transfers.

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Risks And Rules Of Stablecoins

Just like every other cryptocurrency, stablecoins also have some risks.

General Risk And Loss Of Value

The latest US Capital report regarding stablecoins discourses the systemic threat that a stablecoin can cause if it gets accepted all around the world. This risk is particularly on a higher level with centralized coins, especially those supported by usual fiat currency and supplied by private organizations.

Tether is listed among those coins that are more likely to expose such a threat, knowing its recent market share of above 50%. If Tether flops, it has the power to destabilize a whole ecosystem of applications, businesses, and customers that use it.

The global use of stablecoins in payment platforms also exposes people to systemic risk, as per the same given report. The unusual operational risk connected to the authentication and confirmation of stablecoin transactions is able to hinder payment systems.

If millions of consumers cannot access money in their electronic wallets and businesses fail to receive payments, the entire economic activity would be highly disturbed.

A Huge Threat To Market And Investor Safety

The comfort and speed of transacting with stablecoins are beneficial to the hypothetical exchange of virtual assets, which can also become a huge threat to market veracity and stakeholder protection, as per the reports of the U.S. Treasury Department.

The risk for market integrity and investor safety includes market management. Insider exchange and front operation. For example, coin investors could risk the issuer’s intention to alter the portfolio of reserve assets.

The investors may also purchase and sell various assets while also creating stablecoin purchases or refurbishments to operate their purchases. A conflict of interest could take place when the stablecoin acquirer also plays other related parts including running a custodial wallet or owning an electronic commerce platform that excessively incentivizes the user of their coin.

There is also a deficiency of transparency and precision on the way the prices of some stablecoins are decided.

Illegal Activity

Stablecoins can easily be used to perform crimes such as breaking laws and anti-money laundering (AML). Through stablecoins, the lawbreakers can also affect countering the financing of terrorism (CFT).

These coins may also assist in activating other illegal activities. A report by Chain Analysis declared that most of the cryptocurrency used for illegal activities goes to swindles and the darknet market. On the other hand, cryptoviral extortion is an increasing risk. From the year 2019 to 2020, the extent of cryptocurrency assets mislaid to ransomware increased by 311%.

Issues and aspects that participate in the threat of illegal activity involve the high use of stablecoins for transboundary transactions, the lack of worldly criteria of stablecoin providers, the irregular use of AML and CFT standards in the middle of different countries, and the possibility of secrecy when transacting in stablecoin.

Strict Regulation

In the year 2012, the U.S. Treasury endorsed strict regulation to resolve the prudential threats of stablecoins. The recommendations made by U.S. Treasury include:

  1. Stablecoin users should be insured by depository establishments.
  2. Calling for custodial wallet providers to be questioned for “appropriate federal oversight”.
  3. Necessitating the execution of interoperability standards among stablecoins.

This report is projected to set off a promoting bender that might be built a road to success, according to a former SEC lawyer. In response to looming regulations, the founder of MakerDAO is ready to face the worst. Conversely, the CEO of USDC backer Circle has announced that he openly welcomes all plans to control stablecoin issuers as banks.


The worldwide adoption of these digital currencies will show the results of whether or not these cryptocurrencies can play their part for routine or usual users and use cases. These cryptocurrencies are available on exchanges and platforms like To achieve all this, stablecoins is the clearest step on the way to this.

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