The Most Popular Payment Methods In Online Casinos

One of the funniest ways to hang out online is online casino games. These hundreds of chance or gambling games can keep us busy all day, and hopefully, they can even make us win good money. But since you have to bet in life to win, online casinos require you to add money to your gambling account and have a way to withdraw your winnings.

That’s where casino payment methods come in. Read on to find out a bit about the most popular online casino payment methods and how to choose the right one.

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The Difference Between Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

While it is true that most online casinos have different payment methods, it is important that you take into account that there are deposit and withdrawal methods. Why this division? As you know, to be able to play real money casino games, your account needs to have an available balance, which is entered through deposit methods.

It would be best to have a redemption mechanism when producing revenue to move your income to your bank account. Although there are two types of platforms, the reality is that the leading companies already allow both transactions in a single account to make it easier for you to pay the balance and withdraw it later.


Let’s talk about the most typical online casino payment methods. Since the creation of these gaming and betting sites, the payment method with credit cards has been incorporated.

In this way, users do not need to do a complicated or extra procedure. It is only a matter of entering their debit or credit card details. The payment will be generated almost immediately. Within card payments, we find the 3 most popular:


Making use of the VISA card within online casinos can bring great advantages over other payment methods. First, it is a world-renowned company that generates greater confidence knowing that VISA allows its use on the site.

VISA has several security locks that protect the personal data of its clients and the transactions carried out. You can use debit, credit and even prepaid cards to top up your balance.


If you know VISA, you have undoubtedly heard of Mastercard. A pioneer in payment methods, this type of card is accepted globally, including online casinos.

Using your Mastercard, you can deposit and withdraw money from your gaming account without more than a simple confirmation of identity. Despite its safety and effectiveness, it should be noted that balance withdrawals can take a little longer than deposits.

Wire Transfer

Bank transfer is one of the oldest methods of sending and receiving money between account holders or banking institutions. It is a secure process in which you are provided with a special key to transfer the desired amount, either from your mobile device (your bank’s application) or physically directly at the bank’s window.

By making a bank transfer, you protect 100% of your data and information, and it is almost fail-safe. However, it is a process that takes longer to be reflected than with direct card payments.

Digital Payments

For those who are already more familiar with the world of technology, digital payments have proven to be the most comfortable option, primarily to participate in online casino games.

Digital payments offer complete protection to their customers, being responsible for misunderstandings and offering data protection guarantees. Although there are hundreds of digital payment companies, we will focus on the main ones:


Online payments giant PayPal couldn’t be ranked higher than the top of the list. This company has been a pioneer in globalizing the fully digital collection and payment system, offering maximum security for those who send and receive money through the platform.

Make your payments without the need to share your bank details and from the comfort of your cell phone because PayPal has integration for almost any device and is so simple that anyone can use it by linking their credit or debit card to their account.


This so-called electronic wallet -or e-wallet- is one of the most popular online casino scenarios. Skrill is efficient since opening the account takes very little time and is completely free.

With more than 40 available currencies and data protection, it is ideal for those who feel unsure about using their cards directly on an online betting platform.


More than a payment platform, like the others on this list, Bitcoin is a novel digital currency -or cryptocurrency- used to pay for various products and services. Bitcoin has multiple security measures and has excellent value compared to physical currency.

One of its disadvantages is that it is not yet a currency recognized as valid in international banks. Therefore, it is rare that it is accepted as a payment method in most online casinos. However, you can always convert Bitcoin to digital money with an e-wallet.


Speaking of digital wallets that allow Bitcoins, Neteller is the perfect option to use in various online casinos. It has 25 available currencies to choose from and offers excellent data protection to its customers and users.

With Neteller, you can use your own credit/debit card or use your own brand prepaid cards.


The most notable advantage of this company is that it is operated by the same company that owns VISA, so you have the same guarantee and experience of the renowned credit card brand. Wherever an online gaming casino accepts VISA as a payment method, they most likely also allow the use of Entropay.

This platform offers total anonymity by not reflecting movements in your bank account and by encrypting user data. Creating an account is free and with little or no fees.

How To Choose The Payment Method That Best Suits You?

Now that you know the most common payment methods for online casino games, you are probably still wondering about the most convenient or effective one. While they all work perfectly and are accredited by strict legal regulations, you should choose the one you will use based on your needs and preferences.

Take into account the number of transactions that each method allows per day, as well as the amount of money that you can deposit or withdraw. Check if the platform allows only withdrawals, only deposits, or both (in which case it is the most convenient).

Many seasoned players recommend using a digital payment method with an account that you use solely for your online gaming expenses and winnings finally. However, the leading online casinos are safe sites that protect your data.

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