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Engre is a popular engineering marketplace that unites interesting projects and professionals around the world. Thanks to its huge database, every business can find an appropriate solution, as well as engineers, can find an interesting project to cope with.

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Why Do You Need Outsourcing?

According to Flexjobs, outsourcing in a broad sense is the transfer of any functions by a company to another organization: for example, conducting advertising campaigns or accounting, providing transportation services.

Employee outsourcing is the transfer of processes related to personnel management (hiring, firing, personnel administration) to a third-party company. Outsourcing is needed when a business needs more resources to develop key business processes in which it excels. When a company does well at what it is paid for, it works efficiently and makes more money. It is reasonable to delegate non-core processes, for which there are not enough resources or competencies, to a professional executor.

Today companies can outsource almost any task and service. Here are the most popular ones:

  • outsourcing of information technology services, including software and application development and technical support;
  • customer service and call service;
  • production processes;
  • human resource challenges;
  • accounting and payroll.

Why Do We Need Marketplaces?

Marketplaces are primarily a tool for any freelancer. With their help, every beginner or experienced freelancer will be able to find new business partners and orders. Convenient order search services will help you establish a connection with the market.

Of course, every freelancer has the opportunity to independently search for companies that are ready to cooperate, but it is the remote work exchanges that save a huge amount of time that can be spent more efficiently. This will require finding a good service. By the way, there are similar exchanges in many areas of business.

If you are interested in the field of employment, then Engre platform will help you. This exchange brings together employers and freelancers. This is a cozy place to find new partners and a large number of orders. The advantage of this service is hidden in its professionalism. The number of website users and orders is constantly growing. You have a great opportunity to join the regular users of the site at the very beginning of its journey.

Moreover, a freelance exchange is not only a warehouse for one-time orders but also your future base of permanent employers. The essence of success is to build a loyal customer base that will come back to you again and again. Many beginners see only one-time tasks with a small cost, and behind them, in fact, very monetary customers can be hidden, who still have a lot of work for you, you just have to recommend yourself.

Why Do Businesses Turn To Freelancers?

It’s simple – working with freelancers is profitable and you always get win-win business solutions. There is no need to maintain a separate employee and organize a workplace. Let’s imagine an entrepreneur who needs IT services. You can hire a separate employee, but you need to allocate a workplace, buy a desk, a computer, pay for office rent, utility bills. A freelance IT engineer is not inferior in quality but will cost less.

Who Needs Freelancers?

– Small and medium business. Hiring an extra person is often a challenge, especially when it comes to hypothesis testing or a short-term project. It is much easier to negotiate with someone who already has enough skill to solve your problem. Besides, small and medium-sized businesses are often limited in resources and need to save money. So a freelancer is the right choice since it is more profitable.

– Beginning entrepreneurs. Let’s say you have an idea about starting a new business. And who said it couldn’t be starting your own engineering services business? At this moment, people are visited by the idea that you can do everything yourself. For example, you open a coffee shop and have competencies in this area. Everything related to coffee will be decided by you, but to attract customers you need a website. As a result, creating a website is a complex task. It is better to delegate this task and get a better result than a site created for you on the constructor. It’s the same with setting up an advertising campaign, this is a difficult task that requires experience.

To test a hypothesis about a new product or service, it is better to use the help of freelancers. In this case, efficiency is the determining factor and the time to study aspects that are not directly related to your idea, such as a website, an advertising campaign, maintaining social media profiles, design, and primary packaging, which you simply do not have.

Now the freelance market is an excellent tool for solving your problems and do not forget about this method of confirming your hypotheses or implementing new ideas in business.

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