What Your Online Brand Says About You [Infographic]

Have you ever been so proud of a brand offline, but when you see their social media presence, which is their online brand, you are suddenly embarrassed for them? Most of the brands I like really understand social media, but every now and then I encounter online brands that don’t project the same knowledge and values that their offline brand does. It’s almost like every brand has two separate personalities – the online one and the offline one.

Unless your brand itself is an online brand, like us here at Bit Rebels, you have two different personas and two different audiences. The online and offline followers of your brand could be two completely different groups of people, and if you are not catering to both of them, you could be missing out on a lot of opportunities for your company.

This infographic called What Does Your Brand Say About You by eMerge goes into further detail about what your online brand might be conveying to your online audience. Are you sure your online presence represents how cool your offline brand is? If not, you might want to rethink your online strategy.

As this infographic points out, the reason your online brand is important is because a brand consists of the associations and emotions that people hold about your company, products or services – and that can be very influential. For example, when I see an online brand that looks cheesy, it affects how I do business with the offline brand. Are you being consistent? Are you using the power of images to your advantage? Are you engaging with your audience? These are all questions to ask yourself about your own online brand.

Whenever I start thinking about this stuff, my mind always goes to Coca-Cola. That brand gets it right online and offline. At the time I’m writing this, they have 59,563,746 fans on Facebook, and that number is growing fast. Have a look at your own online brand and ask yourself this question…Are you as cool online as you are offline?

What Your Online Brand Says About You

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Via: [visual.ly] Header Image Credit: [OTRP Online]