Online Charity Marketing And Awareness In 2021 And Beyond

This is the age of technology, and you cannot argue with that. Rapid digitization has impacted all our lives. The importance of digital technology in the charity sector can’t be ignored either. It has been reported that charities that have used digital technology in any form have reported a considerable increase in their charity efforts. Digitally focused charities can expect to see an increase in efficiency and productivity like any other business.

Moreover, digital transformation brings about a host of advantages that you will notice in the form of greater visibility, enhanced marketing and communication, improved transparency in day to day transactions and operations, better service delivery, increase in fund-raising efforts, and expanded trust.

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Now, the challenge before you is to carry on with your marketing efforts both in cyberspace and outside. You are likely to be anxious when you happen to run a charity with limited funds available for your marketing endeavors. Trying to increase awareness among people and refrain from spending money can be a daunting prospect. However, it is not an impossible task though. Sure, being a digital marketer par excellence helps but taking on such a role is a complicated affair.

Yet you can go ahead with online marketing and become successful in converting many of the fence-sitters to your cause. Asking them to donate freely or participate in charity events by selling tickets may be another ball game. But you can always fulfill your objectives by harnessing the power of online marketing. Refrain from spending a good amount when you are undecided about the outcome. Here are a few things that you need to do before following others blindly: –

Strategize Marketing Efforts

Formulate a marketing strategy based on reality. You do not have to be well versed in digital marketing to begin using online platforms. Never make the mistake of jumping on the bandwagon of social media without much idea of how it will help you. Check out the freely available tips and use conventional marketing tools to further your process. Have a plan in place before you turn to the virtual platforms that will help you with fundraising.

Be Aware Of Your Target Audience

Remember that every charity will not generate the same level of interest. So, forget trying to convert one and all and focus on the right group of audience. Connect with the target audience by holding chat sessions and group discussions. Identify their motivation points and aspirations before formulating campaigns that are sure to be appreciated. Reach out to the potential donors and play on their emotions. You are definite to get a positive response with many undecided individuals willing to be converted to your cause easily.

It makes sense that the Humane Society should have photos and content focused on animal welfare, Habitat for Humanity should have photos of teams working together and the families who will have a place to call home, and WE Charity should have photos of people in the global communities the organization is empowering.

Have a beautifully designed, functional website in place. Use optimized content to drive more traffic your way and entice the visitors with the “see-think-do & care” model. Use an analytics tool to gather more information about people visiting your website. You are welcome to check their social media pages alongside to form a better idea about them.

Upgrade The Web Resource

The charity you are associated with would be unable to function unless you have a dedicated website. Keep the existing website updated so that the first-time visitor understands your goals and motivation along with the community members who share information. Do not fail to have the content optimized so that the visitors reach the resource seeking some answers. An easily navigable website with a clear CTA included in the web pages helps them to learn about your objectives.

It is advisable to have a responsive website that is easily accessible via a handheld device too. It will enable you to connect with smartphone users at the same time. You may want to increase the loading speed so that no visitor prefers to leave the site immediately due to the slow loading speed.

Social Media

Yes! You can reach people by using selected social media platforms. Many non profit organizations and charities find it highly advantageous, and you can do the same while trying to market your charity in the virtual world. It is best to start small. Begin with Facebook and Twitter, the most popular platforms to date. Get a dedicated group of followers by posting content close to your heart and impress other users big time.

Share the content with other groups dedicated to your cause and tag influencers, including celebrities. You do not have to sound boring and too determined to be appreciated and liked. Instead, popularize the charity by posting light-hearted and fun content sometimes too. You will be able to interact with fans and followers and hold discussions on many associated topics. Have the right content ready when there is an important event coming up.

You may celebrate all occasions and emphasize things that can be linked back to your website. Do not forget to add links or hashtags at the end of each post either. It will enable you to add to the community without having to try too hard.

Charity Centric Platforms

Opt to use Google Ad Grants if you qualify as a nonprofit organization. You will be able to drive more traffic to your website as the ads will appear alongside the organic search results on Google. You will thus have an increased opportunity of raising awareness for your charity and convince more visitors to donate freely.

You may join the AmazonSmile program and connect with many more supporters. Most of them would be pleased to donate 0.5% of their shopping amount to your charity.

Make use of the plethora of marketing tools available on Facebook to obtain donations from the users of the platform. Add the “Donate” button to your business account on Facebook to collect money. You may use the “page fundraiser” option as well.

Let your website be focused on the objectives of your charity. Use it as an online marketing tool to raise awareness and collect funds in 2021 and the future.

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