Paulo Viana Of Viana Dental – Difficulties Small Businesses Face During The Pandemic

Beyond the obvious health concerns brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, many economic concerns have also arisen. Challenges have impacted businesses all around the globe, especially small businesses. Faced with many obstacles in the past several months and with more to come, small business owners have had to become increasingly more creative in finding ways to continue doing business.

Dr. Paulo Viana knows firsthand the difficulties that have been faced by small businesses during the current pandemic. For more than 15 years, he and his associates at Viana Dental have been providing personal and friendly dental services to patients of all ages. As a community leader, Viana Dental is a family-friendly dental clinic with locations in London and Komoka, Ontario, Canada. Faced with many challenges themselves over the past several months, Dr. Viana and his associates discuss the difficulties small businesses are facing due to COVID-19.

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COVID-19 Restrictions

For many small businesses, the various restrictions placed on them due to COVID has made it difficult to provide their products and services as usual. This is particularly true for businesses that offer services to the public. Social distancing, travel restrictions, quarantine, and other limitations and guidelines have meant these businesses have had to reduce capacity, serve fewer clients and customers and even, in some cases, change their business model altogether.

Dr. Paulo Viana notes; however, that it is vital for businesses to continue to serve their communities as well as they can, despite the restrictions that may be in place. For example, Viana Dental has accepted many patients from around Southwestern Ontario for emergency procedures, even during the shutdown, as they recognize that patients across the regions need help. The team has come together to continue offering reliable dental care in a setting that patients can be at ease in.


While most businesses have had to reduce the number of customers and clients they serve on a daily basis, in some cases, customers are just not turning up. Whether it’s for fear of going out into public, the need to stay at home, or financial burdens that are holding them back, many businesses have lost clients due to the current pandemic.

In some cases, small businesses can move their sales online, but for others, especially those offering services, this is not possible. These small businesses face even bigger challenges, including how to go about gaining and maintaining a steady customer base.

Dr. Paulo Viana and his team at Viana Dental have worked to continue to serve their community as best as they can given the measures and restrictions that have been in place throughout the pandemic. As well, they continue to offer a safe and comfortable environment for families and children who visit their office.


As a result of decreased customers, businesses of all sizes are facing financial difficulties. Paying wages, operating costs, and even sustaining their own personal finances has been a challenge for small business owners during this time. While some businesses may be successful in approaching financial institutions for help, others struggle to access the capital they require.

As a local, community business themselves, Dr. Paulo Viana and associates at Viana Dental urge people to support local small businesses during the current pandemic. By supporting small businesses, you can help keep them afloat while supporting the economy of your local community.

Family Demands

For those with families, the current pandemic has brought about new challenges associated with balancing work and family. Small business owners are often closely involved in business operations. So, when it comes to taking care of children who are restricted from going to school or attending to someone who is sick, it can be difficult to maintain operations and focus on these responsibilities.

In addition, Viana Dental notes it can be difficult for their own patients to juggle both work and childcare, as many are parents and are now working from home themselves. However, the team does what they can to ensure that their customers are still cared for and that appointments are carried out with as much flexibility and convenience as possible. The team notes that it is important for small businesses to keep their local community and customers’ needs in mind to continue to offer service with minimal disruptions.

Viana Dental On Closures

Restrictions and orders placed by the government, a lack of customers, and resulting financial difficulties have caused many small businesses to shut down over the past several months. Whether a temporary closure due to government orders or a permanent closure as a result of financial difficulty, any downtime for a small business can be damaging to a multitude of people. From the business owner to employees to customers and the economy as a whole, business closures have been a significant burden to communities.

Regardless, Dr. Paulo Viana and his team at Viana Dental, along with many others in the business community, have a positive outlook on the future. Small businesses, and their owners, are resilient. They will continue to look for creative and innovative ways to remain open so that they can serve their loyal customers and communities.

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