Performance PR & The Behind The Scenes Of SEO

When it comes to the successful marketing of a business, there is a specific funnel that should be followed. At the top of that funnel is performance PR, which if done correctly will drive consumers from trusted media sources to then resonate with marketing campaigns which will finally lead to sales goals.

The concept of performance PR is something that in fact many trusted agencies offer and do. In fact, it basically ensures that the clients do not have to end up paying for anything until coverage is actually secured.

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This is important because earned media is never guaranteed. You can not simply just wish yourself on the way to the cover story of the New York Times. You need to establish trusted relationships with the journalists, pitch a great angle and follow up to ensure that the key messages or backlinks you want to be included in the story do in fact get included.

With PR, because it is at the discretion of the journalist, nothing is ever guaranteed. With performance PR, you do not have to pay for any of the PR services until you are able to get the type of coverage agreed upon in the beginning.  That also means that you will be getting into the likes of Forbes, Yahoo!, The New York Times and CNN with high-quality organic link acquisition.

How To Know If Performance Based PR Is For You

So if you are wanting to determine if performance-based PR is the right investment for you, just like when you buy backlinks, then look no further than here. Some of the most successful companies have aligned with performance PR offerings to really help skyrocket their business.

In general, you will want to consider the following. First, is your company already receiving consistent news coverage? Then, assess if your company is targeting specific audience groups or if you are currently getting coverage that reaches diverse groups. Next, consider if your company has a designated spokesperson or a representative that is trained with media interviews. Finally, consider what your media goals are and the publications you dream of being featured in.

A great performance PR approach will be finding an agency that can truly understand and deliver upon all the above you have considered. The initial burden of getting coverage lies with the agency. It is then once they secure coverage that aligns with the goals that you will end up paying.

The majority of companies that decide to go with performance PR offerings are ones that are start-up companies, ones that have re-branded or those who simply want to enhance their own public perception.

The Benefits Of Performance PR

It is important to remember that with PR, there are never any guarantees. But with performance PR, there is a guarantee that you do not pay until the results are shown to you.

Not every agency will offer this model of PR services. But the ones that do equally value a two-way trusting relationship and are intently passionate about delivering for their clients. There have also been more and more case studies that are showing this type of model often outperforms other PR models when it comes to overall coverage results.

So How Does SEO Relate To PR

Many may be wondering, but wait how does SEO relate to PR? Well, the two are actually very much intertwined. When it comes to SEO being optimized in earned media, you will want to get coverage that includes the correct keywords and backlinks to your own website.

But the key is to do it in an authentic, trusted, and accurate way. When you are able to do this, then you will be able to get both a high-performing SEO article and equally enhance your own brand’s reputation and awareness.

At the baseline of it all, PR and SEO really are trying to work towards the same goal of getting your brand in front of the right audiences with the right content to engage them with. Earned media with SEO backlinks is extremely valuable because you will be able to get higher authority on more reputable sources.

What’s In A Backlink

What makes a backlink so powerful? Well, when it comes to the world of SEO content, backlinks still remain king. Backlinks allow you to create a network of link-building that constantly brings back consumers to your website.

The more places throughout the internet that people are re-directed back to you, the higher probability you will attain new customers, more people will learn about your brand and your website will be performing better overall.

This then translates to your website establishing a more trusted place on the internet, your keywords performing better, and your company being more successful overall.


Performance PR and SEO really do work hand in hand to ensure that your company is as successful as possible—ticking all the boxes for that PR to sales funnel.

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