PMP Certification – Need Of The Hour

Being one of the most important industries, PMP certification is not limited to any geographical domain, but it is globally recognized. With PMP, you can work in any industry sitting anywhere in the world. PMP certification gives you the ability to meet the demands of any project and clients from any corner of the world.

Not only professionally, but PMP also has a huge impact on your salary and earning potentials. Employers are also equally benefited by PMP professionals as they can complete their task on time, in the budget and meet real-time goals. Being a PMP professional gives you an edge over others, because of your well-connected network of professionals and organizations all over the world.

The Primary goal of a project manager is to make sure completion of the project on time, within budget while keeping the clients and team members at ease. Various institutes provided courses for PMP certification to enhance their competence and knowledge. You can very easily handle difficult and challenging projects confidently and manage your time in the most fruitful way.

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Benefits Of PMP Course

Global Acknowledgment

To get the freedom of working anywhere in the world, getting PMP certified has become the need of the hour. PMP professionals are the most searched for in the world. Global recognition is what everybody wants, and PMP has the ability to lead you towards your dreams.

Salary Hike

It is not just about your global presence, but the increase in salary is another basic need of the hour. As stated in a recent survey that PMP professional earns 17% more than their counterparts. According to the PMI’s Project Management Salary Survey released in July 2017, PMP certified professionals earn a median salary of $111,969 per year in the United States.

Market Expansion

Another added benefit of PMP professional is the market reach. There are many companies all over the world which have their doors opened for PMP professionals. You can easily expand your links and business worldwide, thereby gaining popularity by showcasing your PMP skills.

Better Project Performance

It is observed that the project managers who lack the PMP skills perform less efficiently than their peers. So, for better management of time and force, one should be an efficient PMP professional.

Better Job Opportunities

Many employers have made PMP certification a must and a prerequisite for project management posts. Not only for the new hiring, but employers also tend to seek PMP certification for current employees, as a basic criterion for promotions to the most of project manager.

Following are the added benefits after the successful completion of PMP certification:

  • PMP certification, alone does not specify any experience but it definitely provides a certain level of knowledge in the project management area.
  • PMP certification help person to meet higher credit in companies and other organization.
  • You have the opportunity to learn certain Hard and soft skills.
  • It furthers adds value to your resume and helps you to avail the maximum benefits by achieving worldwide recognition.

But achieving PMP certification is not as easy as it is considered, it is not like the traditional exams where you can sit and pass the exams easily. There are a certain set of requirements that a PMP aspirant must successfully fulfill. Following are the set of requirements that a PMP aspirant must meet:

Educational And Experience Requirement

For applying for a PMP certification one must have a secondary degree that is, high school or equivalent.

In case your highest education level is secondary you need to further meet the following criteria:

  • Experience of Project Management for at least 5 years
  • A minimum of  7500 hours for leading and directing projects
  • 35 hour of project management education

The experience requirements for PMP certification do not necessarily include active management of the project. It might, therefore, be considered that a leading and directing role can also include a supervisor or junior team member.

If your higher attended educational qualification includes a four-year degree or above, it might include a bachelor or a master degree, consider some criteria

  • Experience of Project Management for at least 3 years
  • A minimum of  4500 hours for leading and directing projects,
  • 35 hours of project management education

Further, the experience requirements for PMP certification here also does not necessarily include active management of the project. So, a leading and directing role can also include a supervisor or junior team member, a team leader or assistant to the project manager.

Why Such Requirements?

You might be wondering why are such requirements set for PMP certification? But, is mandatory to state that, these requirements are a must for such a serious profession. It is also because this profession requires a well-qualified conversation with stakeholders all throughout the project. While managing any project, a project manager needs to be very careful about the communication, attitude, and how one can efficiently meet the expectations of the audiences and employers.

These basic requirements of being a project manager are important to avoid failure of any projects. There are 10 areas of knowledge that a project manager has to be proficient in.  These knowledge areas are specifically tested in different process groups.

These above-mentioned requirements will make sure that a PMP candidate has enough skills to manage the expected responsibilities.

What If A Person Does Not Have Enough Experience Requirements?

Definitely, educational requirements for PMP certification can be easily met by getting oneself enrolled in 35 contact hour PMP training. But the tough part remains the satisfying of the experience requirement.  After completion of the educational qualification, you might not wait for the completion of your experience required to start your career in project management. You can also go for CAMP courses, which are far easier and need fewer efforts. But as it is said, more pain gives more gain.

PMP courses might be hard to pursue and the criteria might be hard to meet, but they are worth it. There are both costs and benefits of PMP certification, but many experts say that a PMP benefit definitely outweighs the costs.

You might face some problems linked with PMP certification. PMP certification might seem to be expensive as it costs $550.  There is a relaxation of $145 for a member to write an exam, but it’s not just enough, a PMP Membership itself costs $139. The overall amount that you save after becoming a PMP member might be just $11 but benefits are added as well. So it is always suggested to become a member before registering for the exam. In case you fail the exam, and you are a PMP member you need to pay $275 and for a non-member, the costs go as high as $375.

The expenses of a PMP certification do not end here. Apart from the course of the exam the other costs of training sessions, book and sample question also could burn a hole in your pocket. PMP certification always helps a person to be an edge in facing any challenge. The wider audience and greater profits provided by PMP certification are worth the cost. Get yourself enrolled for PMP certification from the best providers, to make the largest profits.

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