Popular Trade Show Jobs That Might Interest You

Trade shows are a great way for companies to get in front of their target audiences. With trade show jobs, you have the opportunity to work in an environment that is constantly changing and never boring. There are so many of them out there, but which one do you want? This article will go over some trade show jobs that might interest you.

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This is among the jobs for these kinds of events that are in high demand right now. According to research done by Trade Show Event Staff, trade show models are a top choice to represent a company at an exhibition. This modeling job is also one of the highest-paid ones out there, with experienced models being able to charge as much as $1000 per day or even more.

This modeling involves going from booth to booth and demonstrating different products using them in real life for consumers who are interested in buying those items during trade shows. You will act like you genuinely use these items on a daily basis yourself (even if this is not true).

You can be employed by either company that wants someone representing their brand well, or you could be hired independently by exhibitors looking for product demonstration staff members they can hire at events all year round. If working independently, then your rate varies depending on how good your modeling is.

Event Coordinator

One of the most challenging jobs at trade shows is as an event coordinator. It requires a lot of event planning, event management, and event coordination skills to keep the show running smoothly. If you have great communication, organizational skills, then this might be an interesting job for you!

Some event coordinator duties include:

  • Creating and managing event budgets
  • Coordinating with vendors and suppliers
  • Managing event staff
  • Planning event logistics
  • Overseeing event marketing and communication efforts

If you are looking for an exciting, challenging job at a trade show, then event coordinator is the perfect role for you! Do your research and see if this is the right fit for you. There are many great opportunities in this field, so don’t be afraid to explore them all!

It’s also highly rewarding, and event coordinators can make a great salary for their event planning talents. If you’re good at it, the event coordinator can be a very enjoyable and lucrative career.

So, if you’re interested in event planning or event coordination, then consider event coordinator as your next trade show job! You’ll be meeting new people, planning great events, and event coordination jobs are always available. If you like these sorts of duties, it can also be very fun.

Booth Attendant

Working in booths at trade shows is a popular job for people who want to be around lots of action and meet new people. It can be hectic, but it’s also exciting to see so many people come through your booth each day. As a booth attendant, you’ll need to be organized, efficient, and personable. You’ll also need to be able to work long hours on your feet. If this sounds like something that might interest you, then check out the booth attendant position description!

Your duties will be setting up and tearing down booths, as well as keeping the place clean and organized. You will have to greet guests and answer questions, and also assist them with sales transactions if they decide to buy something.

It’s a hard job, but booth attendant jobs at trade shows are definitely worth considering. If you’re ready to run around a booth for the duration of the show, then booth attendant is the job for you!

Product Demonstrator

One of the most important, but also must fun, jobs at a trade show is that of a product demonstrator. This person is responsible for showing off the product to potential buyers and getting them excited about what it can do. If you’re outgoing and have a knack for sales, this could be the perfect job for you!

Some companies also look for demonstrators who are knowledgeable about the product and can answer questions from buyers. So if you’re not shy about talking to people and love learning new things, being a product demonstrator might be the perfect fit for you!

If you’re loud and charismatic, a product demonstrator might be the perfect job for you! It requires a lot of confidence, but you’ll have a blast showing off the product to potential buyers. If this sounds like fun, check out our open positions here! Your boss wants to attract as many people to the booth as possible, so you’ll have to be exceptional.

Security Guard

A very dangerous and responsible position, a security guard is a very popular trade show job. They are responsible for the safety and security of everyone in attendance, including exhibitors, guests, and employees. This is a highly sought-after position that comes with great responsibility.

If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding role at a trade show, a security guard might be the perfect fit for you. Keep in mind though that this is not an easy job. It requires excellent people skills as well as physical strength and stamina. If you have what it takes to be a security guard, this could be the perfect career for you. Do your research and see if being a security guard at a trade show is right for you!

You’ll need lots of preparation and attention to detail if you want a security guard as a popular trade show job.


Documenting a trade show is another important role that is often filled by a videographer or photographer. They capture all the action and excitement of the show so that those who couldn’t attend can experience it vicariously. This is a great job for someone with an eye for detail and a passion for capturing memories. It can also be very exciting to be on-site at some of the biggest trade shows in the world!

If you are interested in becoming a videographer or photographer for trade shows, there are a few things you should know. First, this is not usually an entry-level position; most employers require that you have some experience shooting videos or taking photographs. You should also be comfortable working under pressure, as deadlines can be tight when documenting a trade show.

Trade shows are a place where you can do a lot of jobs and make tons of money in the process, with modeling being one of the most popular options. An event coordinator is probably the one that requires the most responsibilities, while booth attendants also need to work hard during the whole event. If you’re confident and charismatic, then demonstrate some products or document the events for a certain company as a videographer or photographer. Whatever you choose, make sure to do it right.

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