Preparing To Start A Salon Or Barber Shop

For many barbers or hairstylists, opening and running an independent shop is the dream. As a shop owner, you’ll have complete creative control. There are many advantages to owning your own barbershop or salon and operating as an independent artisan. With all of the advantages of opening up your own shop, however, it will require a lot of planning and hard work. Owning any business requires hard work, dedication, investment, and patience. If you plan on opening up your own barbershop or salon, the first thing that you’ll need to do is research.

Working in a shop and owning one are very different experiences and you’ll want to learn as much as possible about how successful places conduct business. You’ll want to plan the services you want to offer and create a plan for keeping clients happy and coming back. High-quality customer experiences will aid in your success. All of this will take planning and patience even before you open. Let’s look at how to prepare for opening up your own barbershop or salon.

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Before you can open your barbershop or salon, you’ll need to stock the place with all of your necessary supplies. From shampoo and conditioners to combs and supplements, there will be a lot that you will need to order. Based on the services that you offer and the products that you want to sell, you’ll need to plan your opening around your expected shipments. In the age of covid-19, the US postal service has experienced delays and delivery deficiency.

You’ll need to plan for possible package delays when stocking your shop. From the post office to FedEx, you’ll be at the mercy of postal workers, delivery drivers, and shipper delays. You’ll also need to inquire about backlogs with retailers that could result from supply chain issues related to Covid-19. Once you get your supplies and other items in, you’ll be one step closer to opening.


An element that elevates the most successful barbershops and salons today is quality equipment and furniture. Your clients want to feel comfortable and you’ll want them to come back. Before you open, you’ll need to create a quality space that is clean and comfortable. Just as you keep your scissors, razors, and combs clean and up to standard, you need to pay the same attention to the places where your customers sit. Your salon chairs and other furniture is where your customers will be spending most of their time.

You can make sure that your waiting area is like a lounge that has comfortable furniture and amenities. In the salon area, you’ll want to invest in high-quality and comfortable chairs. You can consult a retailer like Keller International for the chairs and other pieces that will be the centerpieces of your business. While in your shop, your customers need to feel comfortable and relaxed. Investing in quality equipment will help to make your shop a place where your customers want to be.

Attention To Detail

As most owners of small businesses will tell you, their success lies in their attention to detail. From the decor in your shop to the lighting, all of these details will tell your customers that you have pride in your shop and that you care about their experience.

Before opening, depending on the requirements of your state and the condition of your space, you might have to do some renovations. Aside from this, you might consider some additional upgrades to improve your shop and make it comfortable for your clients.

Things such as a coffee bar, upgraded lighting, nice TVs, and luxury workstations will make your shop feel luxurious. Paying attention to even the smallest details will make your salon or barbershop a special place once you’re open and running.

Opening and running a successful salon or barbershop will take a lot of work. It’ll require long days and a significant investment of time and money. Given that the salon and barbershop industry is worth $66 billion a year, however, there is room for your shop. When preparing to open your salon or barbershop, ensure that you have ordered and received all of your necessary supplies, installed quality equipment, and created a comfortable space for customers.

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