Purpose And Benefits Of 360 Degree Feedback

It is a mechanism where the employees receive feedback from superiors, subordinates, peers, and customers. It is a 360 degree feedback system and is done in meetings. In this feedback mechanism the employee’s performance, skills, and knowledge are discussed so that they can improve them. The person who gives feedback is kept unanimous so that there are no personal differences as the report of feedback is created by the supervisors.

The way they give the feedback would sometimes offense the subordinates so they are kept unanimous. Sometimes, the feedback is given by the subordinates to their respective managers and they may not be politically correct in giving the feedback. In this case, when they know their name is being kept unanimous, they may give the right feedback.

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A report is created for each individual’s performance and feedback. This helps the organization to improve its performance from time to time. It is a mechanism to hear all the unheard opinions of the concerned people of the organization. Here, each individual either superior or subordinate can give his/her own opinion which may lead to the development of the organization itself.

Each organization can improve its performance if the feedback is done properly. When the organizations perform the 360 degree feedback they solve many purposes in the organizations. The purpose of this mechanism in any organization can be explained with the help of the following points-

  • The 360 degree feedback is important for any individual. It helps the individuals to understand their personalities, strengths, and weaknesses and help them in their development as well. Proper feedbacks would propose useful changes in individuals. This mechanism also helps to understand that there may be individuals who need further training to improve their skills.
  • Proper feedback from the customers themselves would help the organization to improve their performance as per the choices and demands of the customers and the clients.
  • When all the individuals have the same feedbacks for a person then that point becomes something to work on. It means that this mechanism gives objectivity. The individual would work on that particular point.
  • People give feedback on their good performance and bad performances as well. This allows individuals to work on themselves and improve. This acts as a motivator as well.
  • One and one development in the individual helps in the development of the whole organization. Thus, this feedback mechanism helps in the overall competency framework of the organization.
  • The feedback allows the company to improve. Through the feedback, it becomes easy to understand what the things the company needs to work on. Thus, it allows the company to improve.
  • Through this mechanism, the communication between the individuals in the organization also increases as they would easily understand the personality of the other person through proper analysis of their personalities and behaviours.
  • 360 degree feedback allows personal development as well as the professional development of the individual.

Above were some points to help the organization understand the purpose of having a 360 degree feedback system.

Now the next question arises what are the benefits of having 360 degree feedback mechanism in the organization. This can be explained with the help of the following points-

  • Helps identify the strengths and weaknesses- it is a useful tool that provides overall performance feedback to all the employees. This provides them with in-depth information about their positive and negative points as rated by their senior subordinates and peers. They can use this information to work on their negative points and thus increase their productivity. This, in turn, leads to the organization’s overall performance as all employees, with the help of 360 degree feedback, continue to increase their productivity.
  • Helps in building healthy relations- 360-degree feedback system can also help build good relations among subordinates, peers, and seniors. Healthy relationships are essential in improving the organization’s coordination and productivity as a hierarchy system is absent in this type of feedback. An employee is being evaluated from all the points, i.e. subordinates, peers, and seniors. This leads to no bias and an increase in communication among the team member. The result of all is a healthy atmosphere with better understanding among all the organization members.
  • Helps in performance appraisal- 360-degree feedback is one of the most widely used performance appraisal tools. It provides complete information about employees’ performance and based on which they are appraised. This makes sure that every employee’s performance is evaluated correctly, and they must be appreciated for their work. Employees feel more motivated to perform better when they feel that their efforts are being recognized and appreciated by the organization. It gives them a sense of encouragement.
  • Helps in creating open culture – 360-degree feedback helps create an open culture in the organization as everyone, i.e., subordinates, seniors, and peers, can give their opinions about each of them. There is no hesitation in sharing opinions, and anyone can share their concerns when they feel like it. Open culture also provides various suggestions that will ultimately lead to the attainment of the organization’s goals. Hence it is important to create an open culture for the betterment of the organization.
  • Helps in identifying the need for training- As under this type of feedback, an in-depth evaluation is undertaken; it helps to identify the training needs that are essential to improve the performance of team members. As everyone involved evaluates the other person, the gap for training needs is easily identified, which otherwise may remain unnoticed. This provides managers with a clear understanding of the training needs of different employees. This is also a cost and time-effective method as only those employees are provided with training that really needs it and not all the employees.

Hence these are some of the benefits of 360-degree feedback that the organization enjoyed once correctly implemented. For the growth and development of the organization as a whole, it is vital to choose the 360-degree feedback system.

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