A Quick Guide For Presenting Your Online Business

Businesses have gone through extreme transformations in 2020. These days, various businesses are working remotely and shifting their processes online. Majority of the workforce of today is working from home and connecting with each other through Zoom, Skype, and other platforms.

Amongst all of this is online presentation. Since people are not present in-house, it is crucial that presentations are kept concise to be effective.

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Online Business Presentations

Business presentations are valuable for all companies. With an effective presentation, you can help your online business stand out from the rest. Your business presentation plays a crucial role in marketing outreach, sales pitches, sharing ideas, motivating people, and selling services or products.

Because you will be presenting in front of an audience online, you have to focus on creating slides that engage your audience. Let’s talk about a few ways you can make your online business presentation impactful.

Establish Your Credibility

It is fairly obvious that people would be more interested to listen to you when they learn about your credibility. This isn’t to say that you should dedicate ten minutes for talking about your career highlights.

Instead, you may take a few moments to establish credibility in the beginning and then continue with your topic.

Set goals for your presentation

At the beginning of your presentation, set the expectations you plan to achieve during your time on screen. This gives the listener a reason as to why they should listen to you and what they would learn by paying attention. When these goals are accomplished, you and your audience will experience a sense of accomplishment in successful communication.

Your audience is more likely to stay tuned when they see the goals of the presentation being met, and this in essence, will encourage them to consider the presentation as a ‘win.’ These goals will also help the audience recall the key points in your company presentation and will guarantee that you have a fruitful Q&A session.

Use visual aids

When you talk, you engage only one of the senses of your audience. However, combining your speech with visual aid helps engage a couple of your audience’s senses, ensuring that the message you’re trying to convey hits home.

One of the effective ways to enrich your presentation is to apply different typefaces. We all know those popular ones, like Arial, yet dozen new fonts take place on the web too. They vary greatly: serif or sans-serif, bold, handwritten, and so many more. With their help, you may add a modern, classic, ornamental, or even vintage look to the text.

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Visual aid can be in any form, videos, pictures, flowcharts, PowerPoint slides, and much more. These visual aids ensure that your message goes across your audience and captivates them.

If you want to avail of business PowerPoint presentation templates, use an online resource like SlideModel where you’d find thousands of presentation templates that you can download and edit.

Moreover, in case your presentation includes statistics and data, using pie charts, graphs, etc. can help make them look interesting to your audience.

Keep Your Slides Simple

Presentation slides cramped with lots of text can be overwhelming or impossible for the audience to comprehend. When presenting your presentation, you can ensure that your discussion does not have more than three or four key points per slide. The key is to be as transparent and effective as possible.

You may also place famous quotations on the slides to help communicate with the audience. Also note that typography plays an important role in your online presentation.

The use of infographics in your presentations can help to deliver a message to an audience in a visual way.

Infographics play an important role when making a presentation more visually. Infographic PowerPoint templates let the presentation designer use editable graphics in PowerPoint that can be customized to the presenter’s needs. Instead of starting from scratch, the pre-made templates can help to save hours of manual work.

Add A Touch Of Humor

There is nothing more comforting during lengthy presentations than a speaker that can make you laugh. If you just keep on talking in a stern tone, it’ll feel as if a robot is speaking. Pleasant, conversational voice and light humor will make sure you’re keeping attention of the audience.

But note, it’s a business show. Don’t go crazy in satire, or the audience won’t take you or your talk seriously. We only recommend using comedy if you’re naturally good at it. If not, don’t touch the subject.

Be Prepared For Difficult Questions

Questions can occur during your talk or even during the Q&A session after your presentation. Therefore, you would have to be ready for the most challenging ones, particularly those that may undermine your presentation or suppress your target. Since you need to know your subject and your audience, you need to prepare for such kinds of questions.

According to Forbes, you may start considering all the objections your audience may have about the presentation, or the questions they may ask. You can include the most crucial ones in your presentation in order to get rid of the objections, or prepare yourself to answer them as they come up.

Try to justify your statements using credible sources from a domain.

Interact With Your Audience

All of us despite going through dull presentations. And so no matter how experienced a speaker you are, there will always be a low-energy stage in your talk on your first dry run.

To hold the excitement up, introduce the engagement of the viewer in a short moment, make the presentations more engaging and interactive. There are several different ways to involve audiences in participation:

  • Quiz them to get them to put their hands up to vote on the choices.
  • Ask questions.
  • Make them turn to a neighbor and share an answer to what they’ve just learned.
  • Have people rise up temporarily if they agree to make a comment.

Movement will stimulate attention in a different direction and refresh the vitality of the room, taking you straight to the end of the presentation.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we talked about online business presentations, and how to give an impactful presentation. The year 2020 has been a driving force for change for many businesses. Various businesses have taken the online route and shifted their processes online. During this situation, business presentations can be a little different to manage.

To give a powerful online business presentation you may establish your credibility from the start, set goals for your presentation, use visual aids, keep the slides simple, add a bit of humor, be prepared for difficult questions, and interact with your audience.

If you are interested in even more business-related articles and information from us here at Bit Rebels, then we have a lot to choose from.

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