Sales Tax – Make Your Business’s Compliance A Top Priority

The United States has a complicated sales tax system that is different in every state. While some states don’t have any sales tax, others charge up to 9% on major purchases. This can be confusing for both the customer and the business when it comes time to calculate what they owe in sales taxes. To make things easier on your customers, you should ensure you are compliant with all relevant laws regarding sales tax before opening your doors for business.

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What Is Sales Tax, And Why Should You Care?

Every state has different rules and regulations for sales tax. The concept of a general sales tax is pretty simple: you pay the tax on things bought and sold within your city, county, or state. For example, if you buy something from another person (like me) online or in-person, like groceries at the store, I have to charge you sales tax on that purchase. This is usually calculated as a percentage of the total price, just like it would be if I were selling something at my store instead of in person.

Why Do Some States Exempt Certain Items From Sales Tax?

States that have high sales tax rates, like California, with around 11%, may exempt certain items from taxation to encourage shopping within their borders. For example, groceries are not taxed at the state level in states where grocery store items are already heavily taxed (like New York). This ensures shoppers won’t be penalized twice for purchasing everyday grocery items like bread and milk.

Do You Have To Charge Sales Tax On Shipping Charges?

Yes! Generally, the seller is responsible for paying all taxes associated with selling their goods or services (including delivery charges). If a customer provides a resale certificate, though, they won’t be charged any sales tax at the point of purchase but will still be charged sales tax on shipping.

What If A Customer Provides An Out-Of-State Resale Certificate?

If your business receives an out-of-state resale exemption certificate, you are not obligated to charge the purchaser sales tax. You can still accept it, though! It’s always better for both parties to have all the information about how much they will owe before completing their purchase.

Should I Register My Business With The State Department Of Revenue?

Yes, you should make sure to register your business with the relevant state department of revenue. This will help prevent any potential fines and penalties for not charging sales tax where it’s required. In addition, if you’re already registered for a resale number, then most likely, the state has that information on file, so all you’ll need to do is update the information when you make any changes.

What Are Common Mistakes That Businesses Make When Dealing With Sales Tax?

Some common mistakes that businesses make when dealing with sales tax include: Not charging the right amount of tax, not keeping good records, and filing late. Unless you’ve registered for a resale certificate (which usually exempts you from collecting taxes), then it’s your responsibility to charge the correct amount of sales tax on all transactions – even if they don’t charge sales tax. Make sure to keep good records of all transactions and be timely with your sales tax filings!

What Are The Consequences If I Don’t Pay My Sales Taxes?

There can be serious consequences – both civil and criminal penalties – for non-compliance when paying state business taxes like sales tax. Depending on how long your business has been in operation and how severe the missteps were, you could face fines or even go to jail. It’s important that you get registered for a sales tax ID (if necessary) and stay on top of all your filing obligations so you don’t risk facing any penalties!

Sales tax is a complex subject, but with the right information and guidance from professionals who know about these things, you can make your business’s compliance a top priority. Find all your business needs to know about sales tax registration here.

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