Why You Should Adopt Security Orchestration & Automation For Your Company

Cybercrime in the corporate sector is on them and with the high investment being garnered in the cybercrimes, the cyber criminals are launching out newer methods of attacks, stealing crucial information and such.

This gives rise to the need for a sound security system but with the ever-increasing cyber crimes, it is quite difficult for humans to protect and secure the data using simple tools and technologies.

Organizations are continuing to suffer despite investing in higher quality tools and technologies to increase cyber security measures. The Security Operation teams are suffering due to inability to track and read the incidents on time, find solutions manually and also, due to a shortage of personnel required for resolving the issues. Hiring and retaining top talents in cyber security has become quite challenging with the demand for personnel on high.

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Security Orchestration And Automation

This is where Security orchestration and automation steps in as a savior for most organizations. Due to lack of speed, most SecOp teams are falling short in their efforts to prevent infiltration by the cyber criminals and ultimately, get frustrated and the attacks get increased. Security orchestration and automation gives the company the required speed in order to predict, plan, prevent and resolve the attacks.

What Is Security Orchestration And Automation?

Automation – the job that is performed by machine-based security application for cyber security efforts of an organization that was performed manually earlier. It removes manual intervention.

Orchestration – the process of interlinking and integrating various security applications, tools, and processes.

How Security Orchestration And Automation Works In Favor Of An Organization?

Security orchestration and automation help in bridging the gaps between cyber security challenges and personnel required for the job. It helps the SecOp team to prioritize the manual, tedious, and time-consuming response to the threats. It helps in preventing the inefficiencies that usually arise when various teams and multiple resources try to rectify the incidents.

Analysts have a greater need for automated and orchestrated cyber security methods in order to save time and efforts that is required for the repetitive tasks they have to perform. It allows the analysts to automate simple tasks, prioritize events that are critical and even put time back on the clock to continue hunting for threats and attacks. It allows for faster and efficient threat management actions by streamlining the teams, tools, and processes.

Security orchestration and automation pave way for far more efficient workflows, thereby, saving time and money via automation. With automation and orchestration, analysts can spend more time on evaluating situations and conduct intensive investigations.

By combining threat intelligence and Security orchestration and automation, one can determine the best course of action and decide which process needs to be used in order to eliminate the threat.

How To Adopt Security Orchestration And Automation?

Before jumping into the sea of Security orchestration and automation, one needs to understand the needs and requirements of the organization. This will help the analysts to determine where the automation will work best. Automation and orchestration allow the analysts to solve the impactful and most pressing use cases on priority basis. It can help in improving either a part or the whole process of resolving the threats providing the cyber security analysts complete control over the processes.

The Security orchestration and automation works best when applied with the agile approach. The principle is to apply automation to the parts of the process, as and when required, instead of the entire process. Instead of applying automation to everything, keep adding it to various processes and increase the efficiency of the cyber security.

Steps To Adopt Security Orchestration And Automation For Beginners

  • Ease into the automation and orchestration with automation being introduced to the more important aspects and that are on priority processes.
  • Address the high impact incidents first and implement the automation. Study incidents that occur repeatedly and add similar incidents and analyze the category.
  • After studying various use cases in a category, try finding the owners and work through the processes to determine the best ways to automate certain steps in each process.

Security orchestration and automation help organizations to respond to threats automatically, collect alert data and analyze threats and implement responses. In a gist, Security orchestration and automation work in favor of an organization to prevent and protect from cyber crimes, threats, and intrusions.

  • Saves time by elimination tasks that are repetitive
  • Increased efficiency of processes
  • Prioritizes threat incidents

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