Signals Or Forex Robots – Which Is Better?

Forex signals and forex robots should not appear new terms to you if you’re trying your luck into the forex market. There is no denying the fact that both these resources land with their own pros and cons, it’s still important to determine which one provides better results than the other.

This post will help you better understand the science behind forex robots and expert advisors. We’ll also have a look at the importance of the forex signals. Lastly, we’ll make an in-depth comparison between these two and draw a final conclusion.

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What Are Forex Robots?

A forex robot is basically a program that automatically place trades for you in the currency market. Ideally, you should test at least top 3 tested expert advisors and best forex robots to pick one for your trading business. Forex robots are specifically designed to omit the emotional element of trading such as fear, greed or excitement which can be truly destructive for your returns.

Although there are hundreds of forex robot options available online, one should do thorough research before investing in one as your future trades will hugely depend upon its functioning.

Generally, these robots are constructed with MetaTrader platform which enables forex traders to produce forex signals and administer trades.

Benefits Of Using Forex Robots

They Are Fast And Consistent

Unlike humans, forex robots are definitely more swift and consistent. Since they work on preset instructions, their objective is to achieve goals and that too with swiftness and accuracy. 

They Can Work 24/7

As expert advisors don’t require to sleep or take rest, they tend to work round the clock, meaning you can grab those opportunities as well that you could have missed otherwise. 

They Are Not Susceptible To Emotions

This is perhaps the biggest advantage. In forex, human emotions like fear, greed or excitement can be detrimental. Since automated solutions are free from such limitations, they can take prompt and better trading decisions.

What Are Forex Signals?

According to investopedia, a forex signal is a mechanism whereby the trader receives recommendations about whether or not to trade a specific currency pair. Forex system can either be based on the news-based events or a technical analysis.

There are number of free as well as paid alternatives available online that you can select as per your own requirements. Ideally, you should opt for the paid versions as they are based on technical analysis and provide more accurate and up-to-date information than it’s free counterparts (don’t forget to do your research first and make sure to ask for a free trial before acquiring services of any forex signals service).

Benefits Of Forex Signals

Great For Beginners

If you have just entered into the forex market, you can acquire forex signals to know about the current market movements. Even if you’re a seasoned trader, forex signals can still help you take an appropriate and timely trading decision.

It Conveys Preciseness And Great Rate Of Profit

As forex signals are generated by professional companies or well-informed individuals, it ensures optimum profits and accuracy.

It Saves Broker’s Time

With forex signals, brokers are not needed to continuously watch over the market trends and they can focus on other side businesses and professions.

Forex Robots VS Forex Signals – Why Forex Robots Are Better (Verified Results, Hands-off Trading)

If set side by side, both forex robots as well as forex signals have their own pros and cons. The issue is, you can find many scammers out there who brag about their services. But the fact is, not all of them are worth your investment. This is why it’s important that you gauge the performance of these tools to assess the risk-return ratio first before taking a final decision.

As mentioned above, forex robot is an automated solution that makes the entire trading process hassle-free for you. Forex signals, on the other hand, mainly depends on the credibility and experience of your chosen signals service provider. It works great if you’re interested in knowing about the current market movements and price fluctuations but doesn’t place any trade on its own. Here, you have to take the decision and many times traders come under the pressure of emotional influence such as greed or fear and hold transaction for longer period of time than needed which may eventually result in a huge loss.


In conclusion, it’s great if you’re planning to invest in any or both of the above-mentioned tools. Both forex signals as well as forex robots are designed to simplify the trading methodologies for the trader. As far as the winner is concerned, forex robots aka EAs win the race by slim margin as they can actually make the trade happen. It take decisions on behalf of the traders, remain active 24/7 and carefully monitor market movements for you. Plus, they can bring conversions that is not possible for the forex signals to achieve individually.

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