What’s Special About Regression Testing?

Many people think that testing is a waste of time and that there can hardly be any benefit from it. Unfortunately, many people forget that it is necessary to thoroughly check the work that has been done. For example, developers are not even taught how and why they need to test the code, which later causes a lot of bugs and issues in the product. So let’s see what type of testing is of utmost importance and what the main reason for running software tests are.

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Regression Testing As Part Of Product Lifecycle

It often happens that testers have to test those modules and functionalities that have already been tested and reported. It is never considered a waste of time; what is more, regression testing is very important, especially after major deploys and changes made to the product/ code. For you to use your time smartly, we recommend you start using special visual regression testing tools – these will automate your processes thus save your time.

Wondering what regression testing is and what is special about it?  Let’s take a closer look at the question. Regression testing refers to testing a previously tested part of an application, program or website after any change in the code or environment of the solution. The main objective behind the task is to make sure that a fixed bug, new feature, updated server or system settings haven’t affected the functionality.

  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • System stable functioning
  • Responsiveness
  • Compatability

After you find the bug and developers fix it, you should check the product one more time to make sure the bug is really fixed. This is the right approach, but it is retesting rather than regression testing. If the bug is fixed and everything is in order, do not make hasty conclusions. After retesting bugs, you should also conduct regression testing of the affected module in case any major product update is made.

Each time a change is made to the system or new functionality is added to it, there is a possibility that these changes will affect the performance of the previously developed functionality or the system as a whole. Regression testing allows you to check the correctness of the add-ons and make sure that the program still meets the established requirements and successfully interacts with other systems.

This type of testing is recommended every time the program is updated, which may include fixing a bug, merging a code, migrating a project to another OS or database, adding new functionality, and any other changes. If the number of system users has significantly increased compared with the pilot operation, it is recommended to conduct regression load testing as well.

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