Starting A New Career As A Blogger – How To Market Your Skills And Find Clients

Embarking on a new career as a blogger should be looked at as a journey. The goal is to ultimately have a successful blogging career wherein you can choose what clients you are working for, your hours, and be able to work from any place in the world. Of course, getting to that point of success isn’t usually an overnight journey, rather, it takes time and effort on your part.

So, as you start your new career as a blogger, here are some simple tips that you can follow that will help you market your skills and find clients.

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Specialize In A Niche

While you certainly don’t want to box yourself in as a blogger, it also doesn’t hurt to specialize in a particular niche. This can allow you to create a name for yourself as an expert in that particular industry or topic. Typically, in order to specialize in a niche, you’ll want to find one that you are familiar with, have done research in, maybe have worked in the industry in the past, and have contacts within that field.

Get On Social Networks

No matter what kind of business you are starting nowadays, social networks are one of the best marketing tools out there. Not only can they be incredibly effective in helping you to spread the word and grow interest in your company, but they are also cost-effective.

All your social networks should be linked back to your own company website, which can feature the type of work you’re capable of.

Build A Website

This leads us to the next marketing tip which is to create a user-friendly and engaging website. Rather than just make it a calling card with your contact information and rates, you can use the website as a way to engage with current and potential clients. Post content that can be of value to visitors and do so on a regular basis so as to keep it current. Posting regular content will also help the website to perform better in the Google search rankings.

Visit The Blogging Job Boards

Blogging job boards can also give you all kinds of leads on new customers, but keep in mind these job boards can get pretty competitive. You’ll typically be bidding on jobs that others have also responded to.

Bring In A Professional

It’s also important to recognize when you are in over your head. While you may be an incredible blogger, it doesn’t mean you’re great at marketing. This is when a professional with marketing knowledge and experience can be brought in.

As a new business, you likely won’t have the budget for a full-time marketing person, nor will you need it. This is an issue plenty of other companies run into as well, which is why freelance marketers can be a great solution. Take a look at Torchlite which offers on-demand freelancers who can step in and get the job done.

Keep At It

Ideally, you want to use as many of these tips as possible in order to increase your odds of finding new and steady clients. Of course, the biggest tip of all is to keep at it and stay consistent in your efforts.

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