Stepping Into The World Of Bitcoin – How It Works

Recently, cryptocurrency has become a fad. Even more than just a trend, it is even being hailed as the future of finance. If you are unaware, cryptocurrency, in simple layman terms, is digital money. It is recorded on a digital ledger with proof of ownership and can be used for online transactions. On the forefront of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.

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What Is Bitcoin?

Considered by many to be the pioneer of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin was founded in 2009 by a programmer/s under the alias of Satoshi Nakamoto. It was designed to replace the current monetary system adopted by the countries of the world. With bitcoin, there are no physical assets. Everything is purely digital, with online ledgers as proof of ownership. Massive amounts of computer power are required for every bitcoin transaction.

A decentralized ledger system called a blockchain creates, distributes, stores, and trades bitcoin. The bitcoin system is run by nodes, a collection of computers. These computers run bitcoin’s code and store the blockchain. It is hard to disrupt the flow of bitcoin as it is run by 12000 nodes (and counting), making it more secure as time goes on.

Fast forward to 2021; Bitcoin is now the world’s leading cryptocurrency with a market cap (latest) of $677.2 billion dollars. It stomps other competitors like Ethereum ($122.6B) and Tether ($24.2B). They don’t even come close, as Bitcoin owns 68.1% of the total market. Despite its security and prowess, bitcoin is still unpredictable. Oftentimes you would see it skyrocket in value, only to experience a decline in the coming months. However, as it is still the biggest power in cryptocurrency, it is a worthy investment.

Here are some terms you need to know in order to familiarize yourself with Bitcoin

Peer-To-Peer technology

It is the system bitcoin uses to facilitate payments. In fact, bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency to put it into practice. Independent individuals and companies contribute to its computing power and participate in the bitcoin network.

Bitcoin Miners

These people process the transactions in the blockchain. They are given incentives every time new bitcoins are released and paid in transaction fees.

Bitcoin miners ensure the credibility that bitcoin has as an official cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Mining

This is the process that releases bitcoins for general use. It uses high computational power to solve puzzles that uncover new ‘blocks.’ These blocks will be added to the blockchain, adding and verifying transaction records across the network. Every time a new block is added, bitcoin miners are given new bitcoins.

This reward, however, halves every 210,000 blocks. In 2009, as many as 50 bitcoins were released into circulation; now, only 6.25 bitcoins are rewarded for every block.

What Can You Do With Bitcoins?

You can use Bitcoins to pay for your bills and other needs. Bitcoin is accepted as a form of legitimate currency by businesses and shops. This is done through QR codes and touch screen apps. Look for the sign saying “Bitcoin is Accepted Here” if you’re looking to pay using it.

Should I Invest In It?

As stated in the introduction, many people believe that cryptocurrency is the future. They believe it to be better due to the quick low-fee transaction rates that bitcoin offers. Despite it not being formally recognized by any government, you can exchange bitcoin for any existing currency.

Bitcoin trading is a skill that is learned, and like normal trading, it takes skill and practice to get the best results.

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