Study Shows Learning These Skills Raises Your Salary 30%

Since the pandemic changed how business and work are done, more and more young professionals are searching for lucrative work-from-home careers. The demand for a diverse and skilled remote workforce remains high as companies turn to digital workspaces to stay efficient. A recent study by Adobe Creative Cloud discovered the most in-demand skills competitive companies are searching for in new hires in 2022.

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Interpersonal Skills

A competitive professional skill set will include both hard and soft skills. Hard skills can be measured, such as your experience in the industry. Soft skills are those interpersonal skills that can’t be measured, but largely determine your ability to collaborate effectively with others.

In a digital workspace, both skill sets are essential. Hard skills in high demand include data analysis, graphic design, and web development; many of these can be learned through online courses and virtual certification programs in specific software.

Prospective employers often value interpersonal skills more highly than technical skills because they are more challenging to learn and integral to a team’s success. Essential soft skills all competitive candidates should list include creativity, communication, time management, and organizational skills.

Diverse Knowledge Base

A recent study by Adobe Creative Cloud surveyed new professionals on how to get hired in today’s job market. “Among those surveyed, 31% estimated a potential 30% to 40% salary raise after attaining more skills.” Becoming a competitive candidate for an entry-level position is one thing, but paving your career path to further success once you’ve been hired is another.

Diversifying your knowledge base within your industry can make you an asset to your company and present opportunities for career promotion. Though there are many professional development courses you can take online, there’s a lot you can learn from free online sources such as blogs, webinars, video tutorials, and more.

Having a clear understanding of how your skills and role fit into the company’s greater purpose and industry can make you a highly competitive candidate for entry-level positions and promotions.

Visual Communication

As more of the business world goes digital and consumers turn to their smartphones for shopping and entertainment, the competition for the attention of buyers is fierce. Companies need to have a strong online visual presence to remain relevant in 2022. Adobe and LinkedIn report, “recent graduates, secured a higher starting salary by up to 16% when they listed visual communication skills on their LinkedIn Profile.

Visual communication skills help you create eye-catching presentations, sales decks, graphic designs, etc. Tools that you can learn to gain visual communication skills include PowerPoint, Adobe Creative Cloud, InDesign, Photoshop, etc. These tools are essential for creating compelling and engaging advertisements, social media posts, sales pitches, and other company communications.


Finally, creativity was a skill repeatedly listed in high demand for lucrative positions in 2022. Creativity at all levels of a business is essential for improving efficiency and staying innovative. You can showcase your creativity by building a professional portfolio of work, creating imaginary sales pitches, or sharing new ideas you have related to the industry. Listing creativity in your skill set can make you a competitive candidate and show your new employers that you’re ready to bring new ideas and insights to the company.

There are more opportunities to learn new skills and diversify your knowledge base online than ever before. Understanding which skills employers want most in new hires can help you build your resume and portfolio to land your lucrative work-from-home career.

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