How To Succeed In The Smoke Shop Business

Gone are the days where smoke shops were shady. Instead of a hole-in-the-wall, smog infested rat bin where you could sneak in to buy cigarettes, hookahs, or marijuana, most modern smoke shops are classy. Friends gather and chat in a beautiful, clean, welcoming environment. As marijuana becomes legal and vaping (and its many options) becomes more popular, people are looking for more to smoke these days than cigarettes. Opening a smoke shop can be an exciting new enterprise, one you might want to get in on. If you’re interested in starting your own smoke shop, here are a few simple tips for success.

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Be Open And Honest

Like we mentioned earlier, smoke shops used to be a creepy-crawly place, one where you could practically expect being lied to. You, as a smoke shop owner, have no reason to lie to your customers. Everything you do is legal and above board. Instead of going with that outdated vibe of indifference or cheating, treat your customers with respect and enthusiasm. Be honest about your products and what customers can expect. The more reputable you treat your customers, the more reputable you’ll be.

Carry Unique Products

Whenever possible, you should be bursting with variety. Vaping products seem to come in every shape under the sun, so have some of everything, from eGo vapes to flavored JUUL pods. Carry as many different types of smoke-supplies as you can think of.

Have A Game Plan

No one should go into business without knowing their numbers. Make sure you sit down and factor in all your costs, like employee salaries and rent, before you open. Crunch the numbers and wiggle your plans around (like getting a cheaper building) until they look good. If you want help with determining product pricing, try an easy online program like Zip2Tax’s sales tax calculator. Make sure all of your numbers are looking good before it’s too late.

Hire Cool People To Your Smoke Shop

Last but not least, hire people who will really change the atmosphere of your store. Instead of an oily-looking dude tossing cigarettes at customers from behind the counter, your store should be full of employees who move through the shop, chatting with customers and recommending products. They should be knowledgeable. They should be excited. In other words–hire a sales team. Not the pushy kind, but the kind who knows how to make friends with customers. It will dramatically change the atmosphere of your store–all for the better.

With any luck, these tips will guide you through your initial plans. No business is an easy venture to begin, but smoke shops are a quickly growing market, and you have every chance of standing out and doing well. Best of luck opening your very own smoke shop!

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