Sunil Jagani On How AI, IT, And Blockchain Influence The Customer Experience

New technologies like blockchain can help to influence the customer experience. When companies use these novel methods of supporting their customers, they can provide a level of service that was not possible in the past. Situated in Malvern, Pennsylvania, Sunil Jagani, the Chief Technology Officer of AllianceTek, explains how artificial intelligence, information technology, and blockchain technologies can help companies of all sizes optimize their customer experience.

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Combining Data Through AI

AI can help businesses integrate different streams of data, combining information from both the customer service and sales sides of the business. AI is able to create new products that human analysts might miss, bringing entirely new insights to the data mining process. When businesses use these AI-enhanced data streams, they are able to take advantage of their business’s strengths and leverage their position over their competitors.

Blockchain Provides Security

Blockchain provides security and privacy to end users of all kinds. When businesses store their company information in blockchain systems, they can be assured that their data is kept safe. Blockchain also allows different types of companies to share the same financial information. Blockchain systems enable companies to keep track of their money or data in precise ways.

One of the most useful aspects of blockchain is that customer data can easily be tracked as it moves through the system. Each block contains tracking attributes that show the data’s progress through the company.


AI systems enable companies to personalize their customer experience. When companies use AI to enhance their customer service staff, they can preserve more of their human employees’ time to deal with issues that an AI system is not equipped to handle. AI can funnel many ordinary questions to a carefully constructed database, providing a seamless experience to the customer. When it is done well, even the savviest customer may not be aware that he or she is communicating with a chatbot.

Combating Bots

An AI system is particularly well-equipped to fight back against bots, especially when time-sensitive items like concert tickets are being purchased. AI systems can detect the signs of a bot in the system and shut the transaction down. This preserves the products for human customers and prevents price inflation through second-hand sales.

Keeping Costs Down And Increasing Profitability

Through the thoughtful use of AI and IT functions, a company can keep costs down. Replacing text chat agents with an AI system for simple requests can save a great deal of money. Using AI to consolidate functions and enhance marketing can increase the bottom line of any company. These functions can even be outsourced, leading to savings in person-hours and money.

Advanced Payment Methods

One exciting new development in customer service is the rise of smartphone-based wallet systems for payment. IT professionals can help companies set up these systems, leading to better customer retention, security, and privacy. Customers enjoy the convenience of these systems and the ease of using them both online and in person.

Provide Incentives

AI and IT systems can help companies provide special incentives for their best customers. This encourages customer loyalty while providing buzz about the company. Customer appreciation days, special sales, and custom merchandise are all great ways to recognize the best clients. AI and big data can help you choose these customers while IT can help you implement the needed changes.

Enhance Your Business

Sunil Jagani of AllianceTek encourages all companies to look into the new possibilities of AI, IT, and blockchain. These three technologies will help companies build their customer base, reduce turnover, and reward good customers. Using technology in a thoughtful way will help keep costs down as well as enhancing your reputation on the open market.

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