Sustainable Business Practices – The Checklist

Businesses play a pivotal role in making the world go round. Unfortunately, they also play a large part in polluting that same world. But while everyone wants to make the best business choices possible, there’s the opportunity to also implement sustainable business practices to achieve your goals while going greener.

Be sure that you’ve ticked off these essential criteria when putting sustainability into your business plan.

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Have You Educated Yourself On Renewable Energy?

Knowledge is half the battle when it comes to making your eco-friendly business practices as seamless as possible. There are many renewable energy courses in-house and online that offer incredible insights into today’s benefits for tomorrow’s renewable energy processes.

Have You Created A Mission Statement?

Take that education and apply it to all aspects of your business. Get your ultimate goal written down and work backwards to look at how you can make that plan a reality. Implement a mission statement that all employees need to agree to from that point forward.

Have You Delegated Responsibilities To People You Trust?

Keeping on top of your mission statement works best when people on all levels of your business are given the responsibility to maintain key practices. By doing this, you’re making the smaller, day-to-day aspects of business continually eco-friendly and making sure people adhere to these new rules.

Are You Looking Into Making A Power Purchase Agreement?

A Power Purchase Agreement (or PPA), is an agreement between a buyer and a renewable energy provider that gives businesses access to renewable energy. The contractual PPA agreements can be short-term, or last upwards of 20 years. Businesses of all sizes around the world are using this sustainable method of renewable energy to power their company into the future.

Are You Taking Your Waste Management Seriously?

Waste management may not be the most glamorous part of green initiatives for your business, but it’s one of the most powerful ways to get eco-friendly throughout your company. Clearly signed recycling waste areas and larger scale regular pick-ups of waste can help raise your sustainability considerably.

Have You Offered Green Initiatives To Employees?

Encourage your employees to implement these practices into their daily commutes as well. Introduce cycle-to-work schemes, carpool initiatives, and more. Celebrate small victories as a team and what initially feels like a chore will soon be second nature.

Are You Planning To Go Completely Paperless?

While paper was once an absolutely essential tool for businesses to go about their day, everything can be done digitally now. Contracts, marketing communications, and leaflets are all far more convenient in digital formats. In fact, you’re unlikely to ever really need physical documents at all. So make printouts a rare exception to a new world of digital opportunities.

Have You Had An Outsider POV?

One of the most effective ways of maintaining the best possible sustainability in business is to enlist the help and insights of an expert. Think of it as an external audit that gives you a much better idea of what’s not quite working in your company. You’ll be shocked at how their recommendations will save you money and prepare you for the future.

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