Team Extension Model Or Dedicated Development Team

Team Extension Model or Dedicated Development Team often referred to as TEM or DDT. Those who are dealing with large products might have come across these two terms “TEM or DDT”. While running large projects it often becomes hard to solve all the issues with the help of in-house resources.

This is where we need some external help to ensure quality executions of the work. Some of the business owners often go for a software solution but this might be a very tricky process especially when you are in charge of a large project. Missing small details can result in catastrophic disasters. To solve this issue, smart business owners look for a TEM or DDT solution. Let’s learn more about these terms.

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Team Extension Model Or TEM

Team Extension Model is designed to deal with small-medium size projects. In this case, you will be hiring one or more developers with strong sets of skills at specific levels. Once the hiring process is done, you will tag your IT department with them and both teams will work as a single unit and complete the task within the stipulated deadline. Most of the time, it works bests when you have a strong IT department.

Dedicated Development Team Or DDT

Dedicated Development Team is helpful when you want to levitate the responsibility to a great extent. All the responsibilities will be assigned to a new team with strong specialized skills. They will do all the hard work in a separate office and make your project successful. But when you select the DDT options make sure you are thinking about the long term consequence. Hire the professionals only or else you might lose the grip of the project and eventually miss the deadline.

Is The TEM Model Much Better?

Since you don’t have complete control over the DDT, it might sound TEM is far better. But when you start working with the TEM model, you have some limitations. For instance, you will not be able to spare more time for your business. The whole IT department will be busy with the TEM members to make the project successful. But these lacking are nothing compared to other benefits. For instance, having external resources working for your in-house IT department gives you complete control over them. The combination becomes much better and it helps you to achieve the goals in a precise way.

So, Should We Ignore The DDT Model?

DDT model works best when you want to spare some time. But for that, you must seek help from the Polish Software House or else you might not get a bunch of professional developers. Since the DDT model assigns team members working in a different office, the communication channel is weaker than the TEM model. But these limitations should not be any obstacles to choosing the DDT model. Many investors often prefer the DDT model over the TEM model since the project details are taken care of by the hired professionals in a very delicate way. But still, the selection process plays a great role so, make sure you are not working with the average developers.

Which Model Is Best For Me?

Before you select any model, you need to know your business requirements. Analyzing the short term vision is not going to solve this purpose. For instance, if you work with TEM based on short term vision chances are very high you will pay more for your desired product. In such a case, it’s better to select DDT options since they will complete the whole task without adding any tensions to your existing business.

On the contrary, if you intend to develop a project over a period, it’s better to work with the TEM model. This will help you to build trust and easy communications between your IT department and TEM staff will generate much more profitable ideas. So, assess your requirements and take decisions based on that.

Mutual Trust And Initial Planning

No matter which plan or method you chose to complete your project, mutual trust is a must. So, if you are completely new to this segment or industry it’s better to start working with the high-end professionals and they will give you the proper guideline. But those who have skills in such models should work hard on the initial planning.

Based on the initial planning you need to schedule an interview and analyze the pros and cons of these two models. After the initial audit, you will understand which solution will serve your purpose best. But never decide without having a clear idea about these two models. Spend some time on doing research and things will get easier.

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