Tips To Finance Your Mobile App Startup

We all live in an age where smartphones have become an integral part of our existence. We use them for a variety of things, but mainly, we use certain “apps” that can provide us with different things such as navigation, knowledge, and even entertainment.

And then, it all started with an idea. If you happen to say that to yourself, chances are that you have a grand mobile app idea that you want to create for the world to enjoy.

But of course, successful apps would require capital to launch fully. If you want to create your own mobile app startup, how will you be able to raise that much-needed capital? Here are some ways you can finance your mobile app startup.

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1. Seek Angel Investors

These investors are apt to help mobile app developers who have an amazing idea that would just require that financial backing to lift off.
Now, there are plenty of angel investors out there, but so are mobile app developers. How can you stand out from the rest and have the investors go to you to help you launch it? The answer is simple: it’s all in the pitch.

What I mean is it is all about how you pitch your idea to them. It is best that you be transparent and tell them everything about your app. Usually, investors will help you if they find that your app is unique or it helps a lot of people in an amazing way.

Is your app the next big social media platform? Is your app the next big game? If so, make sure to tell the investors how your app is going to stand out and they might hand you the capital that you need for your startup.

2. Apply For Bank Loans

Much like a conventional business, you can also apply for bank loans. However, you have to pitch to them your business plan as well as how your app is going to revolutionize humanity (or something to that extent).

Present them with your idea in a way that they will fully understand and tell them how you can benefit people.

It might be hard since banks and other financial institutions are still skeptical about mobile app development, but if your sales pitch is good, you might qualify for a bank loan sooner rather than later.

3. How About Bootstrapping?

Do you have any assets that you can liquidate? Do you have other resources that can help you raise that capital? If so, you might want to consider bootstrapping your mobile app.

The idea here is that you tap into your resources and see if you can get some cash from them. Of course, this option is not for everyone, but if you do have potential things you can sell for money, then do so.

4. Alternative Means Of Startup Funding

The good thing about running your own mobile app startup is that there are numerous ways you can acquire money. A cash advance is a suitable option considering how fast you can get the money and how easy it is to qualify. Most lenders do not require a good credit score, but you have to have the capacity to pay.

Other means of funding is to ask your friends and family, take out other loans like home loans and personal loans, etc.

5. Be Sure To Join Some App Contests

It is safe to say that mobile apps are going to be quite popular for generations to come. There are so many investors and companies who are willing to fund a developer who has an amazing app idea.

There are plenty of contests held worldwide and the people behind such contests are eager to raise enough capital for the most brilliant app ideas. If you think you’re up for the challenge, then be sure to join some app contests.


Mobile apps are here to stay and it is growing at an exponential rate. If you have a grand mobile app idea, but you just need to have enough capital to see it lift off, there are plenty of ways you can get it. Seek angel investors, join some app contests, or even secure some cash by utilizing some alternative means of financing.

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