Tips To Find Great Online Discounts

Consumers are shopping online more than ever and therefore searching for discounts to make some savings after filling their carts. A common process is to search for coupons or promo codes prior to checking out, but this can be a frustrating activity as the codes simply don’t work, have expired, have exclusions, or have other issues.

While searching for coupons or promo codes might well have become part of your online shopping routine, there are other things you could be doing that should help make a dent in the bill.

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Be Loyal

If you find yourself consistently ordering from a particular restaurant or retailer you may find it beneficial to join a loyalty program. Loyalty programs have become standard practice for all kinds of online businesses and should be the first thought if you want to get more for your money.

Those that like to play in online casinos already know that, whatever game they like to play, finding a good site equates to having a mix of quality games and extensive guidance and support. For example, if you play online blackjack at Betfair, you can read all about how to play blackjack, what the odds of each type of game are, and what strategies you could employ. But in addition to this, there are often generous promotions provided – not just to new players making a deposit, but to existing customers too.

This expands to many sectors – finding the supplier with a decent loyalty program that suits how you want to use them can actually be as beneficial. Most sectors are well aware that it costs more to procure a new customer than to keep an existing one and the increasing numbers of loyalty programs allow you to exercise some thriftiness.

Be A Tease

This is a fun strategy if you have the time and don’t have a promo code or discount to use. Simply shop as normal and fill your cart with the products you want, proceed to the checkout, but just before payment, abandon the purchase. The result should be that the company you teased with a potential purchase follows you online and presents you with discounts for the abandoned goods.

In this scenario, third-party cookies can actually help you if you’re not blocking them and aren’t running an ad blocker or opted out of targeted advertising. Online merchants have learned that many customers that ditch their online shopping carts do so because of price and to battle this several sites will proffer discounted prices or free shipping.

Be Smart

When you use Google to search for the merchant’s name plus promo code you’ll get many results and most of them won’t help you. Yet, there are specialist online promo sites that do offer a path to discounts and all the codes you see are guaranteed to actually work.

There are also browser extensions that can automatically scour the internet for coupons and promos to be applied at checkout. US residents have been using the Capital One Shopping free browser add-on for some time now and this allows users to also compare prices and automatically be alerted if better deals can be found elsewhere.

A handful of tips that could help if you are economizing online and don’t forget you can always go old-school by hanging on to any coupons or promotions you see in print or are posted through your letterbox.

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