What To Do the Night Before Your Big Presentation

A looming presentation can be incredibly stressful — unless you’re equipped with quality slides. There is something to be said about the confidence that comes with having an engaging presentation to guide you while you’re speaking.

If you work with the right PowerPoint design company, they can alleviate the pressures that come with designing a presentation. This way, you can focus on speech delivery and take the time to be comfortable with your material.

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That said, even with a great presentation, last minute jitters happen. Here are the main things you can do the night before your big talk to build your confidence and get you ready to give a strong performance.

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Go Over Your Presentation From Beginning To End

The night before the big day, be sure to go through your presentation one last time from beginning to end. If there are any hiccups, make notes of them — but keep going. Going through this process will help you identify any problems with pacing or transitions.

A good PowerPoint design company will help you storyboard your presentation to ensure that your ideas are well timed and flow seamlessly and logically. The last thing you want is for your presentation to be choppy or scattered — that’s disorienting for both you and your audience.

Present To A Friend

The best kind of presentation isn’t a conversation with yourself, but rather a conversation with your audience. It’s a good idea to present to a friend who hasn’t heard your presentation as much as you have. This way they can provide a fresh perspective and offer objective advice and audience insight.

Breathing Exercises

According to the Institute of Public Speaking, diaphragmatic breathing is a good exercise to do before a presentation. Breathe in and count to three — then try to say the first sentence of your speech.

Plan Your Breakfast

The morning of your presentation you may not have an appetite or time for breakfast — so meal prep. Prepare something easy the night before so that you don’t have an excuse to skip the meal the next day.

Don’t present on an empty stomach — you want to be mentally and physically ready to give a solid performance.

Stop Thinking About Your Presentation

The moments leading up to a big presentation feels a lot like what you experience before writing a big test. Instead of reciting your speech or going through your presentation up to the very last minute, take time away from it. Chances are, this has been the only thing on your mind since you began preparing for it.

Take the time to unwind and relax before giving your presentation. Don’t psych yourself out — get in the right headspace to confidently present your ideas. No matter how much you rehearse and prepare, if you aren’t confident, you won’t do your presentation justice.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again — get a good night’s sleep the night before the big presentation. Staying up all hours preparing and rehearsing won’t do you any good if you aren’t functioning when it comes time to present.

The better rested you are, the more aware and focused you will be when you actually present. The morning of, try to wake up early to go through your presentation one last time then take some time to unwind. Guaranteed, you’ll be relaxed and prepared when you stand up in front of your audience.

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