Top Reasons Why Every Small Business Should Use An Employee App In 2020

If there’s one thing a small business owner knows, it’s that they’re expected to be on top of everything, all the time. From solving problems, effective internal communication, boosting engagement, offering a positive customer experience, creating a work schedule and more. The list just never stops!

However, there is a solution that helps you streamline each process so you can focus on what really matters to meet the bottom line. An employee app, which helps keep everyone and all processes on the same page so you can effectively run your business and manage your team.

There are plenty of online tools that allow small businesses to easily create their own employee app. Here’s a list of the best employee management software solutions in 2020.

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1. Streamlining Communication

Here’s what we know about communication at the workplace:

  • 60% of companies lack a long-term strategy for internal communications
  • 74% of employees feel like they’re missing out on company news
  • 72% of employees don’t have a full understanding of company strategy
  • Productivity goes by 20 to 25% in organizations with connected employees
  • Companies with effective communication are 3.5 times more likely to beat the competition.

Employee apps are specifically built to enable seamless communication between staff, whether they’re behind a desk or on-the-go. Managers can’t always be in 50 places at once, employee management apps allow you to hold conversations and share ideas messages, videos, and documents.

2. An Improvement In Employee Engagement

When you have staff that are committed to the company and the work they do on a regular basis, you have engaged employees. Employees who don’t just show up to earn a salary but genuinely care and are invested in what they do and how the company does. With good employee engagement, you have increased employee productivity, higher customer satisfaction, low turnover, and enhanced company culture.

From the first day, you should aim to establish employee engagement and with an employee management app, that’s attainable and not from far away dream. Regularly, you can send surveys to gain feedback to better understand the concerns and satisfaction of your employees; offer a suggestion box so your team can dish out their thoughts and ideas on any matter; send instant company updates like a new product launch or welcoming a new employee; allow for social alerts to recognize the employee of the month or other achievements and so much more.

3. A Better Onboarding Process

From the second a new hire sets foot in the office, you must establish a smooth and efficient onboarding process. Instead of them sifting through endless binders of training material and filling out piles of paperwork, shift everything to the employee app to streamline the entire process.

With an employee app, each new hire has their own individual process on the app with easy access to relevant documents. Most employee management apps even allow you to create quizzes to gauge if all content was understood. All of the above help streamline the on-boarding process as they become a part of your company.

4. Ensure Employee Safety With Streamlined Workflows

Ensures employee safety with daily checklists and workflows via your employee app. With an employee management app, your team can work more efficiently as the workflow of your company is streamlined. Via the app, you can hold virtual meetings, share tasks, send reports and forms while on-the-go, can ask for feedback, send safety updates or hazard reports and so much more.

In fact, an employee app is a practical method of supporting safety-related activities and can help boost your company’s safety culture. With your employee app, you can do the following:

  • Share your company’s safety vision
  • Highlight the issue(s) that are important to management
  • Important work contacts are easy to locate
  • Send site- or team-specific safety messages
  • Send awareness training material
  • Encourage employees to report safety issues and hazards

An employee app makes it that much easier to encourage and maintain employee safety and to ensure a safety culture that works across the board.

Decreases Employee Turnover

Employee turnover can seriously cost your company, sources even claim it costs that it costs as twice an employee’s salary to find and hire a replacement. That’s money and time you just can’t afford to lose.

So how can you decrease employee turnover with an employee management app?

  • Offer great employee incentives – don’t just focus on pay. Instead, get creative because employees need options to remain happy and engaged, such as working from home, bring your pet to work, lunch on the boss, etc.
  • Celebrate employee success – Send an update through a group chat to congratulate an employee on a job well done or share the employee of the month and allow for social activity with likes and comments to boost engagement.
  • Have career paths – Offer a challenging and motivating career path, conduct annual and mid-year reviews, and encourage feedback and suggestions all year round. Empower your employees to be on top of their own work and offer skill development and training.
  • Collect feedback – use the employee app to gain feedback on a regular basis, whether through surveys or a suggestion box. Employees want to be heard so having the option to do so when is convenient for them is key. Plus, make sure you act on their suggestions and feedback so that they know they’re being taken seriously.

We may have listed just five reasons why an employee management app for small businesses is a must for 2020, but the list could run on for pages. The positive benefits for your company and your employees are clearly outlined so find the employee app that works best for both of you.

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