Top Tips To Help You Compare CFD Trading Brokers In Uk

Leading CFD brokers in the UK allow traders to gain access to CFD (contract for difference.) In this post we shall define a CFD broker. We shall also discuss how to compare CFD trading brokers in the UK. Before choosing a broker, it’s worth noting that trading styles vary from one broker to the other. This means there is no universal CFD broker for all traders.

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What’s A CFD Broker?

A CFD broker provides contracts for difference. This is a contract between a client and a broker that authorizes the trading of an asset without the client owning the fundamental asset. However, they can acquire the same profits and losses from any price fluctuation in the asset.

Comparing CFD Brokers In The UK

Whether you are a novice or an expert trader in the UK, you want to compare CFD brokers before committing yourself. Here are some factors to consider.

Spread Or Commission

Commission or spread is a factor that influences each trader. It’s the cost of executing a trade and is thus a critical component you can use to compare between brokers. However, you are likely to face some challenges. For instance, spread varies from one broker to the other, the same way it does between assets.

A broker might have the largest spread for indices but the smallest when it comes to Forex pairs. Depending on the assets you want to invest in, this broker could be either your most expensive or cheapest option. If you’re comparing brokers based on the spread, be sure to monitor the spread of your most traded assets.

Margin Or Leverage

Margin is the percentage of the long term trade value that traders should deposit so as to be able to open a trade. In this case, a £1,000 trade on the USD/GBP currency pair may just need a £50 deposit. Still, this position will have exposed the trader to a £1,000 value of risk.

In this case, the risk of losing the whole investment is very small even though it’s the amount of the position. This explains the “losses can exceed your initial deposit” warning that’s affixed to CFD trading.

Margin is also known as leverage. In this case, the leverage is usually depicted in multiples. This means 200:1 would show leverage of up to 200 times the down payment. The comparable margin would be 0.5%. When it comes to comparing brokers, a low margin will need smaller deposits. While this is important to some traders, it would make little sense to others.

Trading Platform

May traders hardly consider the actual platform before a trader can choose a broker. Doing so, however, can be a big mistake. While it’s true that many platforms will have similar comparable functions, the view and operation is usually a matter of personal preference.

Still, trading on a user-friendly platform is critical. Often, traders either miss prices or make trading mistakes. Sometimes they attribute this to the use on a non-user friendly platform. In some cases, the Cancel button could be obvious to some traders.

However, if a trader enters a trade by mistake you may start wishing that you had based your choice of a broker on the platform’s user-friendliness. Many trading platforms in the UK offer demo accounts where traders can practice before they can engage in active trading.

Deposit And Withdrawal Options

This may not be a trader’s priority. However, if you’ve had problems in the past with transferring money in and out of the trading account, you may want to ensure that the methods you intend to use to either deposit or withdraw money from your account are readily available with your broker of choice.

Features (Technical Analysis, Charts, Research)

If your idea is to research your trades on the trading platform that you trade from, you should make sure that you’ve got the best research tools available for this. Remember, charting standards vary greatly. Some brokers provide excellent charting facilities with diverse technical analysis tools that can fulfill even the most intense technical analysis specialists.


Potential traders should take time to research, compare different brokers, and try the platforms themselves before finally making a choice. With comprehensive information, you’ll be able to choose an ideal CFD broker that suits your needs.

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