9 Destructive Topics That Business Partners Argue About [Infographic]

Having a business partner is a lot like having a spouse. If you want the relationship and the business to last for a long time, it’s important to maintain respect and remember that sometimes compromise is necessary. Just like there are arguments sometimes in a marriage, there will also be arguments between business partners. It’s in those heated moments when you can only hope you chose the right person to partner with in your venture.

According to this infographic called Startup Dirty Laundry: The Conflicts That Kill Partnerships by Funders and Founders, 62% of the startups that fail do so because of business partners who can’t get along. That is a high number! If you knew you could keep your startup from failing by keeping the conflict to a minimum, would you? How important are those arguments to you?

If you make the decision to let all the petty stuff go, then it might be helpful to know where to zig when you should zag so to speak. Here are 9 destructive things that business partners argue about which only hurt the business. The average married couple argues 321 times a year. I wonder what that number is for business partners.

If you click over to the source article, you’ll also get some more useful information about this. There is even a list of 6 types of “faux cofounders” that you want to make sure you avoid when choosing the right business partner. I know from experience that when the partners are tired from working hard for a few years, there is a shortage of money in the business, and everyone just needs a break, these petty things can seem important. Just remember that in the grand scheme of success, they aren’t. Keep your eye on the success you desire, not on the faults of your partner.

9 Destructive Topics That Business Partners Argue About

Which can ultimately destroy your partnership & your chance at success
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Via: [Funders and Founders]