TrackTime24 – The Simplest App For Work Time Management

TrackTime24 is a work time management app that is used for tracking scheduling, simplifying payrolls, and generating real-time reports. This eliminates the need for physical reports, timesheets, physical schedules, and the hassle of traditional payroll management.

Companies who have remote working members or teams working in an office can really benefit from this app. With this app, you also get access to GPS tracking and overtime monitoring.

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Here are a few other features offered by the app,

  • Automated scheduling
  • Offline time tracking
  • Calendar management
  • Employee scheduling
  • FMLA administration

Caroline Miech states that “a work time management app is exactly what every company needs right now. It helps companies focus on important tasks by cutting down unnecessary paperwork which eats up their time.”

The starting price of this app is only $2 per user per month upon annual payment. If you want more features, you can go for more modules and the price goes up to $4.50 per user per month. Small companies with less than 3 members can use this app for free and large companies with more than 250 members get more than 50% off the normal price per user.

Advantages Of Using TrackTime24 For Companies

The TrackTime24 app can help your company or business in the following ways.

Boosts Employee Productivity

Employers can analyze how their employees spend their working hours. They can even know how much time employees spend on particular tasks and whether they are spending more time than necessary on them.

Breaks can also be monitored to make sure the employee is going right back to work after the stipulated break period.

Employees are also able to benefit from this. They will understand how to prioritize their important tasks better and come up with a better working strategy. Time tracking will also help employees stay focused which improves productivity.

Simplifies The Payroll Process

Traditional payroll management takes a lot of time and isn’t the most accurate.

With this app, you can incorporate employee time tracking tools into your payroll system which help you achieve the correct payroll and avoid overtime claims.

Employee work time tracking helps you generate real time reports which means that there is no room for error. This also helps  improve the operational efficiency of your company.

Proper Leave Management

This app comes with a premium leave tracker which helps the company plan vacation time for their employees.

It helps you automatically manage the allocation of annual leave per employee and keep track of their holiday requests. Leave options can be predefined as PTO, vacation leave, jury duty, maternity leave, sick leave, etc.

Companies have the option to set up absence calendars for their team and even let employees submit their time off requests from any device.

Creating Efficient Work Schedules

A proper work schedule is essential for the smooth running of a company. It will accurately define the tasks allocated to different employees, the time allocated for the task, the deadline of different tasks, and aid in proper workflow and management.

The employee scheduling feature helps you to easily assign positions, jobs, and projects to employees and move shifts when needed. You can schedule notifications and also make changes to the schedule whenever necessary.

Easy Management Of Business Travels

You can easily plan and approve business travels with this app. All employees who are involved in business travels get access to a dedicated messaging channel where they can share important information with each other.


If you want to establish an efficient work management system for your company, this app helps you do just that. Depending upon your budget you can choose the number of features you want and opt for monthly or annual payment plans.

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