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There are numerous stocks to trade in the UK, whether local or international. However, you need the best stock broker with access to the exchanges that list these stocks to easily trade them. With numerous brokers claiming to offer the best stocks to trade, investors experience challenges selecting the best ones. You must be prepared to spend hours in market research and comparing hundreds of stock brokers in the UK to choose the one suitable for your trading requirements.

Fortunately, expert recommendations can save you the stress of undergoing overwhelming research procedures. TradingGuide is one of the legit sites to go to for the best stock brokers in the UK. Before choosing from the referenced brokers, ensure you compare their features and select the most suitable one for you.

Here are the top three stock brokers to consider in the UK based on expert recommendations.

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1. eToro

TradingGuide experts consider eToro one of the best stock brokers for UK traders because it is licensed and regulated by the FCA. Plus, the broker is user-friendly and has a broad offering of stocks from popular companies globally. With eToro, not only can you trade stocks as CFDs and indices but also invest in them, buying and taking complete ownership.

If you are a new stock trader, eToro can be suitable for you since it is user-friendly and hosts numerous learning resources to boost your skill level. Moreover, it offers a social trading platform that connects you with your peers to chat and share stock trading ideas. Also, the broker is affordable, and besides the minimum deposit requirement of $50, stock trading is commission free. You only get to pay spreads and withdrawal fees depending on the payment method you use.

2. IG Markets

IG Markets is another highly recommended stock broker for expert traders looking for advanced resources. The broker is loaded with advanced technical and fundamental analysis materials for strategy development. Plus, you get to choose the most suitable platform to use, including MT4, L-2 Dealer, and ProRealTime. Setting an account with IG markets is straightforward, making it ideal for newbies confident in their stock trading skills.

Unfortunately, you can only trade stocks as CFDs using IG Markets since it doesn’t have access to the exchanges that list physical stocks. Plus, the broker is more costly than its peers since you will pay high trading fees and deposit at least $300 to get started. However, you are guaranteed over 17,000 CFD assets to diversify your portfolio with, including forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc. Simply put, you will never lack a trading option or instrument with this broker.

3. Plus500

Plus500 has a proprietary platform that allows you to trade global shares as CFDs. You will also have access to other traditional securities for portfolio diversification, including forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc. Note that CFD trading with Plus500 is commission-free, and traders only get to pay spreads. Although its minimum deposit requirement is $100, all transactions are free regardless of the payment method you use.

Plus500 plans to launch a stock investment platform soon for its users willing to take long-term positions in the stock market. Most popular shares will be listed for you to invest in commission-free. The stock broker is suitable for all types of traders since it is user-friendly, customizable, and has an intuitive design.

Bottom Line

The list of the best brokers for stock trading is endless, and the above are among the most highly recommended by TradingGuide experts. Remember, the best stock broker should fit your trading or investment requirements, including affordability, reliability, and safety. They should also offer demo accounts you can test them with and practise stock trading before investing real money.

So, while tests and recommends the best stock brokers in the UK, conducting additional research to rule out any doubts is paramount. Plus, find the best stock you are familiar with and create solid strategies for increased success potential.

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