Trends In Canadian Legal Cannabis In 2020

Cannabis has been a controversial topic for quite some time.  Many countries or parts of them have legalized it, but many others still oppose it, while Canadians have one of the fastest-growing marijuana industries.

Many people have been buying seeds and products from i49, while others have been going through dispensaries. Many places all over Canada have cannabis consumption lounges, which have received a lot of love from the populous. But controversy is not over, there are many trends to come ahead.

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Strict Quality Laws

When Pot was first legalized, products were not of the best quality, and many were ignorant. Any strain was grown that simply met the state’s requirements, and was sold to the masses. These products were then just in the beginning stages. There is now a significant increase in product quality and accountability in the industry.

Farmers have realized the need to grow different strains to separate their products from competitors, as better quality and unique goods are needed to stand out. There were several incidents among e-cigarette smokers last year, and there will be a forward leap in the quality of cannabis extracts and concentrates for vape users.

The Latest Canna-Tech

Since the cannabis industry is in its early stages, technological innovations have only begun. It is expected that there will likely be future advancements in the industry.

There will be more tech innovations in the cannabis industry in the future since there is a significant increase in demand. People want to experience different ‘highs’ with various flavors.  There is a massive rise in the market for medical cannabis as well, as more and more become aware of its benefits.

Other than the demand, there is also an increase in capital. Many are looking to invest in different aspects of the cannabis market. Many entrepreneurs have started online stores that sell a wide range of products, ranging from edibles and tinctures to patches and creams.

The new tech may be something no one has seen before, other than the complicated extractions machines and a range of vape devices. There is a need for machinery in the production sector of cannabis manufacturing. Many strains of marijuana require specific conditions to yield the best results.

There is also a need for more progress in the medical cannabis industry. Many people are not comfortable with the cheapest form of consumption, which is smoking. Technologies surrounding the development of sublingual and other proven methods will also see a rise in 2020.

The Industry’s Titans

Many major players in the cannabis industry have their roots down in Canada, as they gain more capital with American investors. Since it is federally illegal currently in the US, Canadian companies are reaping great benefits.

Canadians enjoyed the first year of legal cannabis, as sales surpassed over $3 billion. But sales were only limited to plants, flowers, and oils. The game changed for 2020 when the application for edibles, beverages, vapes, and topicals was opened in October 2019 with a 60-day notice. Canadian markets will soon be filled with a wide range of products.

The Canadian cannabis market, however, can take a big hit if the US legalizes weed federally or some states ease up on their own laws. The current situation is quite difficult.  Everyone included in the process, including manufacturers, dispensaries, and cultivation facilities, have to pay a premium on almost everything. Even real estate is often more expensive because of zoning requirements and taxes.

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