The Unseen Advantage Of Hiring Persons With Disabilities

Hiring disabled people is an ethical decision when their abilities make up for their disabilities. Employers must understand how to hire the most capable disabled people and provide a reasonable working environment for them. Disabled people are sometimes stereotyped as helpless, but that’s not necessarily true. They can lead full and rewarding lives as long as they’re given the opportunity.

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Employers Who Hire Disabled People Can Save Money On Accommodations And Employee Training

A blind employee can help with office tasks like filing and teach new employees how to perform those tasks safely. Hearing impairment in no way prevents an employee from hearing instructions, so cochlear implants are not necessary. Even if an employer doesn’t have to hire disabled people, they should at least consider it. Doing so can save time and money in the long run.

Attitudes Toward Hiring Disabled People Are Slowly Changing And Becoming More Inclusive

In the past, only disabilities that deprived a person of physical ability were considered fair considerations in employment decisions. For instance, if you had polio, you could never walk or climb stairs again.

Thankfully, that opinion of DES services is quickly becoming outdated. In recent years, courts have ruled that employers must provide reasonable accommodations for employees with limited mental abilities, such as depression or anxiety. An employer does not have to second-guess a disabled person’s ability to perform by looking for physical abnormalities; he just needs to consider whether the disability impairs the individual’s ability to do the job effectively.

The Word “Disability” Covers Various Disorders, Some Of Which Are More Severe Than Others

For instance, if a deaf person has an excellent work record and great interpersonal skills, he’s probably a good hire regardless of his hearing loss. However, some believe it’s morally wrong to hire people with disabilities when their impairments are severe enough to materially affect performance. They call this belief the “thick-thin line” theory.

According to this theory, it’s wrong to hire someone with a severe disability if the impairments don’t significantly affect their ability to perform daily functions (like taking breaks or eating during work hours). The idea is that severe disabilities—while unfortunate—do not automatically make someone unsuitable for employment; they just make them look a little different than average and may require more time and accommodations in the workplace.

Hiring People With Disabilities Grants A Tax Benefit

Governments in several countries provide tax breaks to businesses that hire individuals with disabilities as a means of encouraging more people with disabilities to enter the workforce. Therefore, you can save a significant amount of money on taxes if people with disabilities make up a significant portion of your workforce. Deduct the cost of any changes you need to make to make your workplace more accessible to people with disabilities.

It Boosts Employee Engagement And Company Culture

Despite their challenges, people with disabilities tend to be very driven. They need to get over a lot of hurdles before they can even apply for a job. Overcoming barriers caused by a disability and entering the workforce requires a high level of drive, which is impossible to do without. Having people with disabilities work for your company will make the workplace more exciting and stronger.

Summing Up

When a person’s skills surpass their disabilities, hiring them is a moral decision. Employers who are conscientious about hiring disabled workers can cut down on costs and provide suitable workplaces for workers with all types of limitations—as long as they’re willing to make the effort required.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) currently protects only about 11% of workers in the United States. Employers should be conscious of how they treat all staff members, regardless of their personal characteristics.

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