Use A Water Cooler To Improve Your In-Person Office Culture

If you’re a manager or an owner of a business, you’re probably wondering for news ways to make your employees enjoy coming to work on a regular basis. This can be especially difficult during the coronavirus pandemic when some employees have multiple concerns about returning to the office. However, it is important for employers to still focus on keeping their office culture positive during this uncertain time period. Studies have found that one of the largest factors that impact employee satisfaction with their job is the overall office culture.

If you improve your office culture, then employees will feel more loyal to the company and work harder for the company. This can be especially important during the pandemic when you want your workers to come into the office on a regular basis to help improve communication and collaboration.

Read below for several easy tips on how to improve your workplace’s office culture during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Buy A Water Cooler For The Office

This might seem like an odd idea, but the pastime of employees spending time around office water coolers and talking while taking work breaks is still something that takes place in most offices around the United States. While it could seem counterintuitive to invest in a water cooler in this time period, it could actually be a great way for employees to safely interact away from their desks.

Right now, most companies are requiring their employees to wear a mask whenever they aren’t at their desk. Your company should enforce the same policy, even when people are standing at the water cooler. However, the benefits of gathering around the water cooler will remain the same for your employees since they’ll be able to take a break from their work, walk around the office, and spend time with their colleagues.

You’ll want to make sure that you’re wiping down the water cooler multiple times a day. To ensure that this is taking place and that your employees are staying safe, you could place a bottle of wipes on a small table next to the water cooler. Place a sign there to encourage that your employees wipe off the water cooler handle after they touch it.

You may also want to put a sign at the watercooler to remind employees to socially distance as they talk to one another around the cooler. You could also consider limiting the number of employees that gather around the cooler to 5 or fewer people so you won’t have too many people in an area at once.

Also, not all of your employees drink coffee, so a water cooler is something that would work for everyone. Most employees will appreciate the access to filtered water that they can have throughout the day as well.

If you’re going to get a water cooler, consider getting one that serves hot and cool water. This will make it easier for some employees who want to make tea or other beverages with the hot water that’s available.

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