How Video Games Introduced Cryptocurrency In Online Gaming

Didn’t you find it exciting playing Super Mario, headbutting your way to glory while collecting those precious coins and mushrooms? Not just Super Mario, even Contra, one of the most action-packed games in the 90s involved collecting GP, currency, coins, and gold to move to the next level.

You could buy better weapons using coins from your treasury to beat the bosses in various levels of different games. Now that video games have advanced to PlayStations, PCs, and smartphones, the same gameplay remains extremely popular.

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Influence Of Video Games

Online gaming has changed the way people approach games. A lot of gamers invest hundreds and even thousands in acquiring the best weapons to play in these games so that they can beat their peers and win different challenges.

This acquisition of weapons doesn’t come for free. Unlike the protagonist in the video games in the 90s era that only collected and used coins available in the game, online gaming asks you to spend actual money if you want to buy your favorite weapons.

Online gaming is trying to make everything more realistic. Video games of the 80s and 90s have influenced game developers to include the concept of using coins to buy weapons, but since the graphics, sound, and plots are realistic, they have also made monetary transactions real.

Apart from purchasing weapons and coins, these games also allow you to gamble. Depending on the game you are playing, you can link your bank or crypto account to that gaming website to place a quick bet., for one, is one of the gambling sites that allow you to exchange Bitcoin for virtual in-game items.

Cryptocurrency And The Gaming Industry

Online gaming addiction is spreading worldwide. Millions of gamers spend hours to master various games so that they can participate in national and international tournaments. But to master those games, it is essential to play at the highest level.

To achieve that level, you need to buy boosts while playing. Internet banking takes some time to respond and confirm the purchase. This can break the momentum of the gamer. That is why most gamers prefer to pay through cryptocurrencies because the transaction speed is lightning fast in this mode.

Moreover, different cryptocurrencies have different ongoing rates depending on the market. This allows the gamer to choose from a range of currencies to pay from so that he/she can save a significant amount of money that they would otherwise have to pay if they used net banking.

For example, if a particular weapon costs $50, you will need to spend $50 if you are paying through internet banking. On the other hand, if the price of the same weapon is 5 coins of Ethereum and this currency equals to $45, you end up saving $5.

This generation believes in speed, and that’s precisely what cryptocurrency transactions offer. The online gaming industry and its collaboration with the crypto industry is the future for gamers because it not only makes purchases quicker but also gives gamblers an opportunity to win more after every game.

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