Video Monetization Without Relying On YouTube

Having heard about YouTube influencers earning millions by making video content, you may have thought to yourself – I can also make high-quality videos and monetize them, how hard can it be? And while that is a possibility, if you can produce great content, but in reality, it’s easier said than done. Having your video uploaded to YouTube does not guarantee that you will instantly get hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

In fact, YouTube monetization can be quite troublesome. Every day, people watch around 5 billion YouTube videos, and on average, they spend 40 minutes per session. Every minute, 400 hours of footage is uploaded onto the social platform.

According to these numbers, it’s fair to assume that the competition on YouTube is tough. Not to mention all the regulations and compliance rules that you’ll have to follow before you can monetize your videos.

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And when you are through with the ever-changing policies of YouTube and successful enough to generate at least your rent money, the chances are that the ad guidelines, YouTube profit limitations, and all kinds of viewer stats will slow down your video monetization aspirations. Luckily, there are ways to monetize your videos without relying solely on YouTube.

Your Own Video Streaming Website

In order for this approach to work, you will have to build your audience first. When you do, it only makes sense to channel your viewers to a platform of your own where you’ve got full control of your viewers.

There are numerous examples of how people have initially uploaded videos to YouTube. Once a substantial amount of followers gathered, they were directed to a website where people could access more exclusive content on a subscription-based model.

Another significant advantage of running such a website is that you can also manage your customer retention. Of course, you should aim for evergreen content (such as yoga, art and music tutorials, etc.) so that your content remains relevant even after several years.

Affiliate Marketing

Another effective video monetization model to consider is affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketing approach is ingenious in its simplicity. The only thing you need to do is to link outside products in and around your videos and encourage your audience to follow the link and make a purchase. In return, you will receive a commission on each sale or per click. The affiliate method has gained huge popularity thanks to its lucrative opportunities and straightforwardness.

Just make sure you’re totally on board with what the affiliates promote. That way, you’ll be able to support their offering sincerely and ensure that the offer matches your audience. It goes without saying that your audience should always come first.

Alternative Video Monetization Platforms

There are quite a few video monetization platforms to choose from. If you want your video content to be valued accordingly, you should definitely consider taking a closer look at VlogBox. VlogBox is a global video content distribution and monetization company that delivers video ads with surgical precision to OTT/CTV audiences and brings profitable results to content creators.

What is particularly impressive about VlogBox is that the platform covers hosting, encoding, and streaming of video content combined with custom app development for their clients and, above all, efficient ad monetization. The market is booming with platforms that offer video ad monetization. In the world of on-demand content, it is paramount to pick the best platform for your videos.

In conclusion, it’s worth noting that making money on YouTube is not impossible. However, it is probably best to put your eggs into different baskets. If you want YouTube to be a source of income for you, make it a secondary one.

There are multiple monetization platforms, including VlogBox, where you can distribute and monetize your video content. Choosing which one to use is entirely up to you and depends on your business objectives and target audience.

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