What Does A Background Check Consist Of?

Every individual must undergo a background check whenever the authority feels so. Just like in New York, the New York records contain the background information of every people living within the vicinity. If you’re an employer, a background check is one of the crucial things you must consider in hiring your employees.

In this article, we will discuss Background Checks and what does it consist of. It is important to know the details about this, especially to know if the checkup is done correctly.

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What Is A Background Check?

A background check is a process of verification of the identity of the person. Background checks provide an opportunity to check a person’s criminal record, employment history, educational attainment, and other things that the person doing the checkup wants to know.

Another definition is the process of investigation of a candidate’s background based on the criteria given by the prospective or employer. Background checks have a lot of things consisted within the process. These things are enumerated in the following:

Basic Background Checks

Above all other background checks, basic background checks are the most common. In this checkup, the information being checked are just simple and fundamental. It includes the full name, social security number, date, and place of birth, current address, and known aliases.

Employment Background Checks

Employers can do an employment background check whether they are looking for the history of employers and/or if the employee has something to offer to their company. An employment background check usually happens when someone applies for a job, however, it can take place if the employer wants to do a background check on the person in their company.

The information included in this checkup is the employment timeline up to seven or ten years from the current date. It can also include the person’s education, credit history, work history, criminal record, medical history, etc.

Criminal Background Checks

A criminal background check can happen when an organization or a person thinks and requires to run a background check concerning the criminal records of the person. It is also common when applying for a job.

A criminal background check includes national crime databases such as; courts, registries, watch lists, and criminal records in the federal and state. It is also included here the basic background check.

Universal Background Checks

Universal Background checks happen whenever a person purchases a gun. The background check may happen via the National Instant Background Check System (NICS) to determine the buyer is eligible to possess the firearm.

Universal Background Checks include felony offenses, criminal convictions, open arrest warrants, domestic violence records, or illegality of the country to sell a gun.

OIG Background Checks

OIG Background Checks is a special background check for healthcare workers and professionals. The OIG Background check aims to identify those people who have committed health-care-related crimes to prevent them from working in federally-funded healthcare facilities and programs.

The background check consists of; medicare fraud, offenses related to medicine, insurance program, patient abuse or neglect, felony convictions, and financial misconducts.

E-Verify Background Checks

E-verify is another type of special background check. It aims to verify the identity and employment eligibility of newly recruited and hired employees. It includes the basic information of the person and other work-related information like employee id.

Fingerprint Background Checks

It is also known as Identity History Summary is used in conjunction with other background checks like criminal background checks and employment background checks. It uses technology to identify the fingerprint of a particular person in which they will run a background check afterward. It includes; criminal history, federal employment, naturalization, and military service.


Background Checks are done to verify information in which a certain person possesses. It includes demographic information, criminal record, and educational attainment. Multiple types of background checks consist of the stated three information and other information as stated in the body of the article. Furthermore, it verifies our genuineness as a person.

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