What A CRM Platform Can Do For Your Nonprofit

Even if you’re unfamiliar with CRM (Customer Relationship Software), you’ve no doubt probably heard the term being tossed around. You probably know that many of your competitors are using CRM software in order to increase efficiency and drive performance.

Traditionally, CRM software was a way to optimize data to drive sales, but more recently CRM has been harnessed in order to better run nonprofits in a number of different niches and fields. In short, A CRM allows you to collate all of your data in one place, without relying on a series of spreadsheets, Word docs, calendars, and lists.

Whatever the size or structure of your organization, nothing is more crucial to keeping your organization running and having your important data organized and accessible, especially if your staff is now working remotely.

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How Your Nonprofit Can Benefit From A Customized CRM Platform

CRMs allow for faster data retrieval, access to data on the move, and real-time communications. Using a CRM dashboard is the perfect hub for your entire team. These platforms have revolutionized modern standards of data efficiency, but they can also do so much more.

Your nonprofit might not deal with sales, but it certainly deals with donors and fundraising. Donors are people that allow you to do the work that you do, after all.

Donors require:

  • Engagement & timely communication
  • Relationship nurturing to keep them abreast of the cause
  • Notification of any mandate changes
  • Personalized service that shows them they are crucial to the success of your organization

As your nonprofit grows, you’ll require more donors to keep you in the black and to help you do the good work you do, but of course you’ll need a standout platform to keep track of everything — especially as you move team members to different departments or hire new staff.

If you need to move staff from one fundraising project to another, CRMs allow anyone to step in and hit the ground running because all of the vital information will be properly organized and accessible. A CRM allows you to collate all of your data in one place, without relying on a series of spreadsheets, Word docs, calendars, and lists.

Trust In The Right Provider

CRM software from a reliable provider such as Sumac allows you to organize communications, donor information, and much more, providing your brand with the personal touch that never requires handholding.

The best software providers will never try to sell you more than you need at your current size and budget. Look for a provider that offers a basic package that only gets more expensive as you add individualized, customizable utility. Your software provider should also give you live support regardless of the platform package you’ve chosen.

A provider like Sumac will help you automate repetitive admin tasks and build standardized donation cycles. Their dashboard functionality will help you organize your:

  • Online donation pages
  • Memberships
  • Case management
  • Course registration
  • And more

If you’re looking to build better donor relationships and consolidate your key data in one location, while also being able to track communication and contact information, all backed by a top-tier client support network, you need a platform designed specifically for nonprofits.

Take your nonprofit to the next level and invest in Customer Relationship Management software designed specifically for what you do.

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