What Is Verge Used For?

Achieving the global goals of a particular cryptocurrency project involves the gradual fulfillment of tasks at each stage. Project Verge emerged with a global mission to create a new, more efficient global payment system. To complete this lifework, it was necessary to increase the speed of transactions and reduce their costs in comparison with the BTC crypto that gained huge popularity. The success of Verge token at the present stage indicates that the project has enough chances to realize its global goal.

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Why Users Love Verge

Each type of cryptocurrency has its own fans and advantages. Among the characteristics that attract users to Verge, the following can be distinguished:

  • the ideology of the project based on the free and anonymous exchange of assets
  • open source allowing crypto enthusiasts to make changes
  • non-commercial nature of the project
  • engaging the user community to address principal issues
  • protection of personal information and confidentiality of transfers

What Could Be Done With Verge?

The scope of Verge applicability is steadily expanding, bringing the project closer and closer to the realization of its global goal:

  • The number of partners, including merchants, accepting this crypto is steadily growing. A detailed list of those companies with whom you can pay with XVG is presented on the Verge website.
  • One of the most reputable crypto debit cards, UQUID supports Verge as one of the crypto assets it works with. This card can be used as any other debit card for shopping and paying for different services.

Where To Open A Wallet To Manage Verge?

Many people want to manage crypto on their own, without fear that the financial service provider will have access to their private key. The best solution for this task is to store your crypto in Guarda’s non-custodial wallet. Its multi-currency, cross-platform wallet will provide you with all the necessary instruments for running your Verge deals.

Explore the sphere of free and anonymous financial interactions with the best crypto wallets from Guarda.

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