What Should I Do If I Was Scammed By A ProfitAssist Broker?

ProfitAssist is an online trading brokerage owned by Seabreeze Partners Ltd. The company is based in the Commonwealth of Dominica and very notorious. If you ever searched through scam company reviews, you came across at least one brand owned by Seabreeze – for example, Bid Broker Stocks.

Read our ProfitAssist review and find out what to do if you have been scammed.

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How Can ProfitAssist Take Your Money?

Like any other unregulated offshore broker, ProfitAssist doesn’t pay too much attention to financial laws. Basically, the company is showing a false advertisement that is virtually promising profits. After you sign up, you are called for an initial deposit (not listed on the website, by the way), and after you start your account, a financial adviser is introduced. The role of this adviser is to assist you in the trading procedure and tell you what would be the best option to make money.

However, they might show you a couple of successful trades, but with the utmost goal to make more money. Not long after the first deposit, you are asked to make another one. And another one. And so on, until you have nothing left.

The problem occurs once you ask for a withdrawal. You are being persuaded not to submit the request, and if you do it, your account is blocked. The broker recently changed its website, and it switched from profitassist.io to profitassist.co, meaning that some of the clients stayed without money and access to their account instantly.

Do not fall for the ProfitAssist scam.

ProfitAssist Warnings

There are a couple of warnings against ProfitAssist and their owner, Seabreeze Partners Ltd. The first regulator to warn against this illicit operation was German BaFin that strictly ordered Seabreeze Partners Ltd to stop providing financial services abroad.

The same warnings related to ProfitAssist came from the UK FCA, Spanish CNMV, and Italian CONSOB.

Now you understand what type of a scam we are dealing with here.

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What To Do If You Have Already Gotten Into The Hands Of A Scammer?

If you have already been involved with an unregulated scam brokerage such as ProfitAssist, you might need assistance with a refund. Our company helped many in your situation. We understand that losing money is not easy, but letting scam brokers go away for free is even worse.

You need to file a dispute and request a chargeback. Since the process is complicated and time-limited, we would love to assist you.

Submit the form provided below, and our support will book a free consultation for you. You will be given all the information about the chargeback procedure, and we can start now. Do not waste time. Get your money back now! https://globalfraudprotection.com/contact-us/.

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