Here Is Why You Should Pay More Attention To Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation is the process of handling you repetitive marketing tasks like sending weekly emails, new product notifications, alerting customers about new sale or discounts, and many more such tasks. By automating such tasks, you can easily make time for coming up with the right replies for the right customers at the right time. Here are some details about the marketing automation software that you should know about.

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How Does Marketing Automation Software Work?

Depending on the industry marketers deploy different software strategies from which the popular ones are as follows:

Specifying Criteria

Using a marketing automation tool, you can set goals and plan tasks to achieve those goals. The criteria entered by the user are then interpreted, analyzed, stored, and executed by the marketing automation software. This way, the software helps you score leads, and in the end, the leads are entered into the Customer Relationship Management software and passed on to the sales team to make sales.

Tracking Where The User Goes

As a business owner, you have to be acquainted with what your consumers are interested in. Marketing automation takes care of this by using tracking cookies on the website visitor’s web browser. The website owners can collect data when a visitor visits a website and build an ideal profile which they can then use to attract new customers to their platform.

Using Forms For Collecting User Information

The marketing department needs to generate quality leads for the sales team. For this purpose, they use forms to collect the user information that later on qualifies as leads—based on the information filled you can have the marketing automation tool in place to generate leads in their respective categories. Then you can determine which strategies to use on leads to ensure higher closing rates.

Features That Marketing Automation Software Includes

Lead Management

Lead management is one of the essential features of marketing automation software; with this feature, it is easy to identify prospects and capture leads. It handles all the vital functions from lead scoring to lead assigning. Allowing marketing and sales teams to work together using the marketing automation tool allows you to gain more leads, nurture them effectively, and increase your sales exponentially.


Marketing automation has many potentials and can offer plenty of excellent insights that can improve your business. Still, you are only going to get the most out of it if your automation tool can adequately integrate with Customer relationship management (CRM) software, Content management system (CMS), analytics tools, etc. The integration will allow you to easily track the behaviors and determine which marketing strategies are working and what you can do to boost the results.

Progressive Profiling

One of the biggest goals as a business owner for you is the generate leads and collect their information. Marketing automation allows you to take this process a step further. By progressive profiling, you learn more and more each time they fill out a form.

With this, you don’t need to present every time a user visits your platform, you can set it up once and just let it ride, which is excellent. The data collected from this then can help you segment better emails and configure more targeted email campaigns. It enables you to bring in more leads.

Social Media Automation

Social media engagement is essential if you want to grow your business today. Using a marketing automation tool, you can schedule posts in advance and send alerts to your audience about any special discounts or sales. You can use social media automation to:

  • Keep your social media accounts up to date with fresh content
  • Engage with customers to discuss your products or services
  • Keep track of your social media campaigns
  • Schedule and push timed updates
  • Gather customer feedback through comments and insights
  • Run targeted advertisements


An enterprise automation software should be able to manage data efficiently and filter customer information whenever required. Segmentation is the ability to select a target audience based on a specific criterion. Marketing automation tools segment the database by a combination of key interests of a targeted customer base.

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is the last must-have feature of marketing automation software. This is one feature that requires a lot of time and effort from the user end. As a user, you will have to spend time developing marketing campaigns that take the customer from one stage of your buying cycle to another.

This requires a lot of research and content creation from your end, but once in place, it can help you create more opportunities from your product or services and nurture your existing leads until the sales team engage with them.

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