Why Property Developers Need A Commercial Finance Broker

Working with a specialist short-term property funder is made easy with commercial finance brokers. Brokers work closely with lenders, business professionals and specialists to source funding solutions to meet property developers short-term finance needs.

In many cases funders are referred to brokers by existing partners who have found their experience positive, building their portfolio via word of mouth. Good brokers will have a good reputation in the industry, resulting in a long list of funders that they partner with.

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Businesses can benefit from a commercial lending facility that meets their business needs.

Commercial finance brokers can help with:

  • Asset lends – where an exit strategy exists
  • Traditional bank loans
  • Distressed assets
  • Major arrears
  • Mortgagee in possession
  • Low doc applications
  • Low Docs applications
  • In receivership

Commercial Finance Brokers often work with people who have had their funding requests declined by their bank due to customer concentrations, debt-to-income ratio, insufficient management experience of the leadership team within the company, short operating history, or insufficient collateral.

Working with a private lenders broker helps to eliminate these reasons. Brokers work with businesses to understand their needs, and tailor a solution focussed funding proposal that meets those needs. They’ll then work through a panel of their partnered private lenders to place your scenario in front of the funder most likely to approve your request.

Acceptable security for a commercial property loan includes:

  • Office blocks/buildings
  • Industrial factories
  • Warehousing facilities
  • Retail space and shop fronts
  • Residential blocks of units
  • Specialized commercial properties – assessed on a case-by-case basis

There is no requirement to prove income, as they operate using an exit strategy meaning you don’t need to sift through years’ worth of financial records to find the right document.

IBN Direct commented stating that “from a borrowers or referrers’ perspective, it makes good sense to work with a reputable commercial finance broker. They specialise in commercial loans for borrowers, making it quick and easy to access a range of loan options that aren’t available to the general public.” They make it a simple process, one phone call or email with the particulars of the scenario gives you access to more than hundreds of private lenders within their network, many of whom operated exclusively in the region you’re located.

Commercial property loans are ideal for borrowers who are wanting to refinance established retail, commercial or industrial properties with ease. If you are looking to subdivide, develop or construct a commercial property, this type of lending facility will also likely meet your needs.

Commercial Finance Brokers specialize in commercial property loans that span one month to three years, giving you ample time to complete your purchase, make your plans and arrange your refinance or sale strategy as needed.

Working with a specialized commercial property broker helps to keep things simple for all borrowers. They have the right network of lenders, along with property industry specialists to support your proposal through to completion. Reputable brokers at the forefront of the industry have grown and evolved as the industry has changed. Brokers that have successfully navigated the GFC and regulation can help businesses through the current economic climate.

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