Why Your Startup Urgently Needs A Freelance Developer?

Did you know that due to the COVID-19 pandemic and worldwide restrictions, the freelance job market grew by over 25% between April and June 2020? This means that more and more specialists become demanded as remote workers.

This especially goes for software development specialists since these workers are almost always autonomous. Let’s take a closer look at all the benefits of hiring freelancers to bring your startup idea to life.

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Top 6 Reasons To Look For Software Developers Among Freelancers

Let’s see what main factors will help to win owners when hiring offshore software developers for their startup project.

Reason 1 – Pass-Through Costs Savings

Due to the losses incurred by almost every company during the pandemic (well, except for those companies which produce protection masks and antiseptics), now the accounting departments try to keep track of each penny gained.

Hiring a full-time employee is usually quite expensive: after all, it is important to organize a workplace and pay taxes and cover insurance, allocate a separate item of vacation expenses, and, possibly, provide training courses.

When you hire a freelancer, it is expected that he or she will start working immediately and naturally from a remote (or home) office. With this cooperation format, no taxes are paid – only the rate indicated by the freelancer himself or herself.

Reason 2 – Clear Communication

The hired freelancer has most likely been working remotely for more than a year, unlike many other specialists who, due to quarantine, have only been getting used to remote work for about six months.

This means that you will be sure that the work will be completed on time, your contractor will always be in touch when you need, and no one will complain to you that the current working conditions are demotivating and don’t allow him or her to work at the same pace as it was in the office.

Reason 3 – No Need For Training

If you give your staff a new challenge, it will take time to teach the involved specialists new skills. That means weeks or months of downtime and thousands of US dollars spent on training. Are you sure that you need this, especially in the context of an unstable global economy? On top of that, the required specialists may not even live in your city (the same issue used to be relevant when hiring blockchain devs).

That’s why it’s ultimately better to hire a profiled freelancer who will start working on your startup in several days and will not need much professional advice from you. This will also allow you to create a project based on technologies that are not popular in your region.

Reason 4 – No Need For Interrupting Main Business Processes

When you assign an unscheduled task to your staff members, they automatically put off their usual workflows for a while. This is downtime, which can be very costly, especially from a long-term business perspective.

If you do not want to interrupt your subordinates from their day-to-day tasks, hire offshore specialists. In this case, you will not lose a cent due to forced delays in implementing planned tasks.

Reason 5 – The Ability To Provide 24/7 Customer Support

Some companies strive to be in touch with their customers around the clock to ensure high-quality service and market competitiveness. Nevertheless, organizing permanent office work without interruptions is not an easy task or, in some cases, even impossible. It is much easier to hire specialists from a different time zone who would cooperate with clients immediately on their request.

Reason 6 – Infinite Scaling

By hiring freelancers, you can scale your company almost endlessly, regularly offering your clients new services and products. Over time, you will become a universal provider of high-quality software development services and, possibly, even monopolize the local IT market. Obviously, at the same time, scaling costs will be minimal since you do not have to rent or buy new office space and spend the budget on the expenses described in the first paragraph.


Due to the ability to choose the best ratio between the quality of software development services and their cost and the absence of the need to organize a full-fledged workplace, hiring freelancers for startup implementation is considered the best solution. All in all, deciding to take this path and hire a freelancer is certainly a great bet.

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