Why Taking The Manual Approach For Project Management Is Losing You Money

Do you know how successful project managers in the construction industry spearhead their respective organizations? Staying abreast with the trends defines success when it comes to the digitized business infrastructure. Managers often look for the best way to eliminate manual project management methodologies. However, if you persist with manual processes, you have already deprived your organization of potential productivity.

In this post, the experts at GoBridgit have demonstrated the value of deploying project management software to streamline your organization in this post.

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What Is Construction Management Software? – Why Do Project Managers Use Them?

A construction management tool is an application that can leverage project management, helping you fulfill your organizational goals. In addition, it makes the communication and collaboration process efficient and straightforward.

Construction project managers need to deal with several moving parts. These tools can enhance productivity by merging different processes like tracking, sales, accounting, and other departments.

These tools help schedule jobs, formulate budgets, perform project estimations, and gauge each project’s progress. In addition, deploying these tools fosters better coordination among various teams handling different projects in separate locations. Currently, around 56% of construction firms deploy some kind of software for construction management.

Benefits Of Switching To Construction Project Management Software

Project management is no more a manual task. Managers are only humans and are bound to miss tasks that can turn out to be crucial to the project. Here is why you should switch to  construction project management immediately:

Strengthening Project Management

With a powerful tool for construction management, you can systematically organize your construction projects. Reputed developers have rolled out integrated tools that complement the efforts of project managers in different avenues.

For instance, a single software is capable of tracking projects, managing resources and documents, updating project status, and helping in collaborating with all the involved parties.

Moreover, these are cloud-based tools that help easily store and retrieve information. Regardless of your location, you would be able to access the details of your project. Easy accessibility of information by your employees also pacifies the project.

Scheduling Your Tasks

It’s imperative to keep all your team members on the same page throughout the project. Members should be aware of any developments or changes in the project. The lack of proper coordination might lead to unnecessary delays in the project.

A construction management tool keeps the staff and contractor updated about the latest developments. While scheduling your tasks, you can also mention the equipment needed at specific stages. At the same time, a single tool can inform all the involved parties about the progress and status of the tasks at hand. Using one of these tools, you can update the tasks and deadlines for your subordinates.

Fast Access To Information

Retrieving important information becomes much easier when you deploy project management software. All the necessary documents can be segregated and stored virtually on the cloud system. Project managers can also customize the storage and group similar documents together.

This organizes the process significantly, reducing delays in retrieving information. Moreover, retrieving the documents would be a matter of a few clicks for any authorized party.

Managing Your Budget

A study reveals that 66% of businesses deploying a project management tool can accomplish their tasks within the stipulated amount. While cost overruns might seem obvious, you have a proven mechanism to mitigate costs. Effective budget management can prevent your organization from running into a financial crisis.

You also benefit from construction accounting tools synced with the main software. This enables project managers to monitor any possible project costs and reduce expenses. Moreover, you can monitor the following aspects with your construction management tools.

  • Necessary human resources
  • Necessary machines
  • Materials required
  • Number of mechanical components

Using robust software, you can eliminate issues like over-budgeting and wastage of materials. At the same time, project managers can convey the exact requirements to contractors.

Curtailing Costs

By slashing down unnecessary costs, you can channelize funds towards your revenue. In addition, as your employees would be using these sophisticated tools, they need not deal with piles of papers. This would save significant time for your organization, which would reflect in terms of greater productivity.

A simple interface can give your employees a comprehensive idea about the budget status, contacts, and other relevant information. At the same time, you can detect expensive pitfalls and mitigate cost overruns in the long run. It would also minimize your operational expenses significantly.

Efficient Resource Management

As a project manager, aligning all your tools and resources together is a dream. This would help you coordinate with your teams effortlessly and monitor their progress. A powerful project management software can help you realize these ambitious goals.

These tools allow project managers to evaluate their resources and effectively distribute them. This also helps them to carry out better material and staff management. With relevant data available in real-time, you would succeed in optimizing your resources.

Sharing Files

When remote operation happens to be the industry’s norm, you need to have an efficient file sharing mechanism. Even when you are not present at the site, project management tools can authenticate signatures and share files with the concerned parties.

These files can be downloaded as required. Moreover, the leading tools ensure the safety and privacy of sensitive information, keeping your project details confidential.

The entire process gains transparency with additional features like providing feedback and making changes in the documents. This explains why most successful construction firms have already embraced project management tools.


It’s interesting to note that as much as 70% of organizations have failed in at least one project. While the manual process for project management is a thing of the past, you need to choose the best tool to leverage your construction business. It pays to research and know the extensive plethora of features from leading developers. With a comprehensive project management tool at your disposal, you can stride ahead to success in a world of competition.

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